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by Que Violette

EVERYONE IS DOWN IN THE DUMPS! Seasonal depression and mens mental health health month are upon us. I have a need to make sure people understand they aren't alone in their experiences. Even a person like me who smiles all the time, goes through extreme depression.Thank you for reading and listening!

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They All Remember

by St. Aurora

Sup guys! We're Helsinki-based alt rock band St. Aurora. The Band was founded 2020 by me and the drummer Valter Kousa. Our sound is deeply rooted in punk and alternative rock/metal but this one (They All Remember) shows also some soulful, sensitive side of the band.

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Path We Choose

by Lyrehound

Hey guys, we're Lyrehound and this is our second single 'Path We Choose'. Manchester has a lot of cool wall art around so we thought, why not shoot a music video showing some of it! The song is about bringing people together, going on a journey and achieving something great - come join us!

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Who We Are (feat. Fronz)

by Vilano

‘Who We Are’ is the latest offering from Punk Core super group, ‘Vilano’, hailing from the greater Orlando area. Having just recorded their newest project at The Audio Compound under not only Andrew Wade intern (Andy Karpovck), but with the help of death-core frontman Chris Fronzak of Attila.

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Among The Gentiles

Hey guys! We're Among The Gentiles, we are a Pop-punk band from the Philippines and We write about things that are fun and not so fun but mostly about our struggles as people and hopes to give hope to the listener.

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Dive At Dawn

Hey, We’re Dive At Dawn from Orange County, CA. We’re a “pop punk” band that’s just trying to get our music out to people. This past year we’ve had the opportunity to play with some great touring bands like young culture, homesafe, and Belmont. We would love it if you could check out our music!

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