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"Repeating" delves into the meaning of creating music for us. Music has been a passion for us since childhood and despite the ebb and flow of band formations, the desire to continue playing has persisted. This drive to keep going, writing, and playing is what inspired the song's title.

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by All Regards

We're All Regards and we're excited to share our new single "SOS"! I [Jeremy] came to the realisation that some people have this toxicity about them that almost consumes you and messes with your head. I made a choice to cut these people out of my life and it made my own mental health a lot stabler.

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Million Dollar Question

by Cedar Green

Hello we are Cedar Green. We have been a band for the last 10 years bringing electric and passion to our songs and stage. Touring the country with bands like Silverstein, Seaway, Like Pacific, Emarosa, Palisades and more we have accomplished more than we can ever dream.

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by Octopus Montage

Hey!We're Octopus Montage,a band from Blackpool,UK and we play what's been described as Bipolar music as we play everything from Synth heavy Pop-Punk to Deathcore.Solitude is us really finding our sound on the softer side of the spectrum and honestly if you don't listen to it, your smell

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The Color Red

by Fountain Island

We are FOUNTAIN ISLAND and we are set to drop our ultra-magnetic new single and video, Pretty Little Nightmare, which lands on Friday 9th December through all platforms. Before then, please check out our last single, The Color Red.

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Every Good Idea Came From A Bad Idea

by The Historians

We're The Historians, and this is our debut single! Our singer Mrin came up with this song while she was in the hospital with nothing but a piece of paper and a pen. After she got out we took her ideas, put them to the test on instruments instead of paper, and created this song. We hope you like it!

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Bury Me

by Gunpoint Alibi

Hi, friends! We're Gunpoint Alibi! We're a group of absolutely silly best friends located in Denver, Colorado. Bury Me is the first release off of our upcoming album, "deathwish" We can't wait for you to give it a listen, and we look forward to seeing you out there, dancing around to it!

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Best of This

by Chivalry

Hey there, we’re Chivalry, 4 piece band from Norwich. We write songs that we’d listen to ourselves! If you like jumping around and singing along to music, this song is DEFINITELY for you! We hope you enjoy it!

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by Safety Net

Hi! We're a band called Safety Net and this is our new track Back. Back was inspired by a feeling of wanting to go, well, back; back to being kids, back to before life got so... complicated. Back is all about sentimentality and looking back on the past through a rose-colored lens.

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Not Too Late To Be Okay

by Bronnie

Hey! We are a female fronted pop punk trio! (Bronnie, Chris & Pete) We have supported bands like Neck Deep & WSTR and have toured the USA, UK & Europe! This song is a mental health awareness song... 'It's not too late to be okay!!'

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Dear John

by Single By Sunday

Hello! We're Single By Sunday and we just released "Dear John," a classic pop-punk track for you to sing-a-long to! ‘Dear John’ started out under a few different names but the premise has always been the same; a fictional account of a disgruntled employee taking revenge on his boss.

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Single By Sunday

“I Want You (You Want Me)”, the latest release from Single By Sunday, is built around raucous guitars and undeniably catchy melodies as that has become the signature sound of the band as they continue to churn up parties on stages from their native Scotland to their new hometown of Los Angeles.

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How Bout No

“Probably Maybe Your Grandmas Favorite Rock & Roll Band” — NOBODY EVER

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Capitol Gallery

Hi! we're Capitol Gallery, and we have an album we plan to release in May. We've been playing locally for a few years, but have had no quantifiable record sales, as our EP's have been released for free download online. Our music tends to be upbeat and electronic, though emotionally charged.

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