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One More Shot ft. SoSo

by Shower Beers

Hey all, we're Shower Beers, a pop punk band from Murray Hill, New York City. We just dropped "One More Shot" off our 2nd EP "Miracle On 34th & 3rd." We got our pals in SoSo from Sydney, Australia to hop on the track. It's a ripper, be sure to check us out on Spotify for me fat riffs.

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Tell All Your Friends (feat. Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights)

by The Honesty

With a growing catalog of music produced by Kenneth Mount, Zack Odom & Sam Pura (The Story So Far, State Champs), the Sacramento based punk rock band The Honesty pumps out a concoction of unbelievably catchy melodies and unforgettable vocals that will keep you coming back for more.

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FBA (Did You Dirty)


Hi I'm ALXNDR and my Latest Track "FBA (Did You Dirty)" Explores the Unsettling World of Hypersexualization

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Million Dollar Question

by Cedar Green

Hello we are Cedar Green. We have been a band for the last 10 years bringing electric and passion to our songs and stage. Touring the country with bands like Silverstein, Seaway, Like Pacific, Emarosa, Palisades and more we have accomplished more than we can ever dream.

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Fusing propulsive punk energy, stadium-size pop prowess, alternative sizzle, and a ball-busting sense of humor, ON HIGH play the soundtrack to the best night of your life. Malibu is our debut release and a great track to set the tone for the future of ON HIGH.

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by Motionyear

Disarray is a metaphorical song describing a verbally abusive and controlling relationship through the lens of a plant that has been abandoned in a bedroom. The plant sits on the shelf, uncared for, and becomes covered with dust and lacking in water and nutrients.

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FTS (Sick of This)

by L E A

Today L E A debuts her anthemic new single “FTS (Sick of This)” featuring viral artist, producer, and Emo Nite New Orleans DJ Bemo Rouge. The track permeates with inspiration that is equal parts pop, emo, pop-punk, and hip-hop to formulate a distinct sound that only L E A could conjure up.

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by Que Violette

EVERYONE IS DOWN IN THE DUMPS! Seasonal depression and mens mental health health month are upon us. I have a need to make sure people understand they aren't alone in their experiences. Even a person like me who smiles all the time, goes through extreme depression.Thank you for reading and listening!

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by Conversion Therapy

Queer Pop Punk from Norway with a dash of Hip-Hop influence, a 2020’s anthem on the social media media chokehold we’re under, through the lens of BDSM tinged references, from our upcoming EP, Long Nights out October 7th Recorded and mixed ourselves, mastered by Defeater’s Jay Maas.

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Friendly Little Games

by Keep Your Secrets

Keep Your Secrets is a DC-based pop punk band with easycore and emo influences. Their latest release "Friendly Little Games," from their upcoming EP "Let's Face It, We're Lost," tells the story of a young woman who is fed up with the mind games her romantic interest insists on playing.

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Call Me

by jassin gharib

call me exposes its listeners to a mature sound that does not seem to stop developing and exploring itself. jassin's unique, warm voice and a soaring chorus take you to a place of comfortable darkness.

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