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Future Me

by Winona Avenue

We are Winona Avenue and 'Future Me' is about how you wish you would have previously known how everything would end up working out and about questioning why you thought you knew everything in the first place. It is a song about humility, patience, and triumph.

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by Jet Jaguar

“Our first song 'Anvil' should make you want to buy a guitar...and then smash it, then drive around your block blasting this song out your windows so that your neighbor Karen knows what the F is up. If 'Anvil' doesn’t make you want to do any of that, you didn't listen to it loud enough!"

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Dear John

by Single By Sunday

Hello! We're Single By Sunday and we just released "Dear John," a classic pop-punk track for you to sing-a-long to! ‘Dear John’ started out under a few different names but the premise has always been the same; a fictional account of a disgruntled employee taking revenge on his boss.

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We are a fresh pop punk band from Italy. Our music is made to dance, jump, sweat and get laid! Listen to our music if you want to go back to your 16s.

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Atlas For Home

Young band from France with pop rock vibes just unveiled their new single "Join The Club" ffo The Rocket Summer & Simple Plan

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Kevin Dubois

I'm a Canadian-American pop-punk musician named Kevin who just released my first album "See It Through." I'm inspired by what I think is the golden age of the genre - the late 90's/early 2000's - and that means upbeat hooks, power chords, and plenty of angst. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy!

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