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by Octopus Montage

Hey!We're Octopus Montage,a band from Blackpool,UK and we play what's been described as Bipolar music as we play everything from Synth heavy Pop-Punk to Deathcore.Solitude is us really finding our sound on the softer side of the spectrum and honestly if you don't listen to it, your smell

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Fusing propulsive punk energy, stadium-size pop prowess, alternative sizzle, and a ball-busting sense of humor, ON HIGH play the soundtrack to the best night of your life. Malibu is our debut release and a great track to set the tone for the future of ON HIGH.

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Hey! This is our latest single Paradise, the title track off our upcoming EP! It's feisty and energetic like us!

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by Honeytalks

Parachute is fast, fun and catchy! Its got plenty of moving parts and catchy hooks for your aural pleasure.

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Admit It

by Signs of Progress

Most people have had someone close to them stab them in the back. This song is about not only that experience but it's also a message about how it's okay to cut those people out of your life. There are plenty of good people in the world, don't waste your time on the bad ones.

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The Fire

by A Swift Farewell

On the surface, “The Fire” is a bouncy pop-punk anthem that combines catchy guitar riffs and punchy drums with pop-sounding melodies. However, the lyrics carry an emotional story that contrasts with the “happiness” of the track.

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