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Ten Years

by Live it Wisely

I've been very active on YouTube for a few years now, and decided to get some of my own music out finally!

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Leaving Tolmin

by TwoMinutesHate

We're TwoMinutesHate from Norway and this is our bittersweet bop Leaving Tolmin! Our singer Sama recorded the first draft of this while crying in an airport restroom on the way home from our fave festival; Punk Rock Holiday in Tolmin, Slovenia. Come take a deep dive into our most cherished memories!

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Bad Energy

by Wheelbite

Hey everyone! We're a Pop-Punk band called Wheelbite. Our songs hit home to people that have been wronged by ones they love, and people that are struggling to find their own in tough times. Things do get better, and keep pressing forward!

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Beautiful Nights

by Wishful Thinking

Beautiful Nights is a catchy emotive track that's definitely one of the strongest songs the band have released to date. Beautiful Nights is a song that toes the line between ballad and banger. It has all the energy of a classic punk tune mixed with the orchestration and melody of a power ballad.

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by Everyone Lies

Another up-beat punk track harking back to the sounds of the 90s punk bands ‘Biscuits’ has an important message about mental health.

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by No Matter

Hi! Our new album "Bad Chemistry" is out on July 1st! Shitegeist is the last single before its released and you can pre-order it on vinyl now from Brassneck Records! Thank you!

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Two Fingers

by Concert For Aliens

Hi! we are Concert For Aliens, we met completely randomly at a party and now here we are, making music! the track was played in the same sound system as the recording studio where Blink182 and Angels And Airwaves recorded, isn't that cool? for us, who are lovers of Californian pop punk, hell yes!

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by Everyone Lies

‘TNTina is a love song about a character from Fortnite. It uses Fortnite references that have double meanings as standard love song themes. It was written as my son was massively into the game at the time and I gave it a go to try and have a shared interest with him. TNTina was the result of that’

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Melangkah Terarah

by The Last Samurai Syuhada

TLSS is : Maulana Singgih : Bass Lead Vocals, Agung Raharja : Guitar Bac Vocals, Afri Burhanudin : Drums. This time The Last Samurai Syuhada (TLSS) [Indonesia] have released a music lyric video new track called "Melangkah Terarah" made a breakthrough by collaborating with Zachary Topuh.

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by Honeytalks

Parachute is fast, fun and catchy! Its got plenty of moving parts and catchy hooks for your aural pleasure.

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I'll Be Fine

by Sad Plant

Hi Everyone! We are Sad Plant, a Canadian Pop-Punk Band here to share our brand new single "I'll Be Fine". We wrote this song as a commentary about our experiences with mental health. Our goal is to inspire the youth to embrace creativity, and to know they have support systems available to them.

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She's From A Different World

by 54 Reasons

Hi we're "54 Reasons"! We've been a band since 2013. With Juan Alvarez on vocals and guitar, Evan Plyler on Bass, and Aron Hetsko on drums! This is our newest track "She's From A Different World"! From our upcoming album "Cigarettes And Candy" Give us a listen! We promise you'll become a fan!

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What's Left of Me

by Wes Hoffman

Hi everyone! My name is Wes Hoffman. I've recently released my new punk rock single, titled “What’s Left of Me”. It's a song about going through major transitions in your life and being there for your friends. Hope you'll like it!

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by Wasting Time

Hey, we're a pop punk band from Toronto, Canada called Wasting Time. We've been an active band since 2017. 'Runaways' is the third single from our upcoming album. We believe that it is one of our best songs, as it's sincere, melodic and packs a punch.

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Our Ex

by Jerks!

Hi! We're Jerks! We're from Charleston, West Virginia and we just self-released our debut six-song EP 'First Day'. This song is called 'Our Ex' and is probably the poppiest track on the EP. It's pretty fun to play and people seem to like it. Hope you like it too!

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Attention Economy

by Launch Control

Hey, we are Launch Control, bringing you socio-political punk rock from Reading. This is our new track Attention Economy, the first single from our upcoming forth EP of the same name. The single is available to stream in all the usual places now with the EP dropping on the 2nd of October.

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We Need to Talk

by PGP

PGP is a project that my brother and I wanted to make since high school, listening to the 90s pop-punk scene. This year, we committed to making it happen and we sent tracks to each other across the country to turn this dream into a reality.

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by Lamonta

Our new song TIDES 🌊 is out! We’re pumped with how this one turned out and if you like mid-tempo pop punk with hooks, then we think you’ll agree! Let us know what you think and please share, save, follow, tell your friends, etc.

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Back Me Up

by New Age Affair

Hey Punktastic, we're punk rock quartet New Age Affair, from Rapid City, South Dakota. We hope you enjoy our new single "Back Me Up", taken from our new, debut album 'Too Messed Up', which is out now on Manic Kat Records.

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Old and Boring

by goldenboy

goldenboy is pop-punk-rock from Bergen, Norway. Been around since 1999, and celebrating our 20th anniversary with the release of a new single (June 7) + EP (June 14) this June.

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