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by Honeytalks

Parachute is fast, fun and catchy! Its got plenty of moving parts and catchy hooks for your aural pleasure.

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You Know You're Right

by GUY

Guy is a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK. He blends elements of pop-punk and grunge to make a style he calls HardPunkFusionPop. His new single You Know You’re Right is out now, with plans for new singles every month through 2022.

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by Endless Season UK

We are Endless Season UK, a Pop-Rock band from North East England. Our debut single ‘Ghost’ is out on 04/07/2021 and combines the hard hitting guitars of Alternative Rock with Pop style hooks/melodies. We hope you like it!

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by Prey drive

Hey all! We are Prey Drive & you are listening to our new single Socrates, taken from our upcoming EP "Neon God" (May 28th). Expect a powerhouse of authoritative rock riffs intertwined with intricate mathematical lead lines and a dream-like ambience, with soaring vocals soaked in canorous harmonies.

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Dying for a Future

by The Late Aprils

Hi we're The Late Aprils, a 4-piece Alt-Rock band out of Hertford in the UK. This is our follow up to our debut and it's called "Dying for a Future", it’s a pulsating, breathless, rollercoaster of a rock song, just like the past year it encapsulates.

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by Elessar

Hi we are Elessar UK and this is "Is It Love" It’s a song about falling in love but that love is not reciprocated, Enjoy!

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Before The Storm

by Follow Deep

We are Follow Deep and we are a young, emerging indie/alternative rock band from Hull.
This is our latest single from our debut album "Will You Still Love Me...", and it's about one of the characters from the film "Leon: The Professional". Hope you like it!

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Just Like Them

by Viva La Bear

We are Viva La Bear. We combine big riffs with high energy vocals for some catchy Alt-Rock bangers! Check out our first single "Just Like Them"

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Best of This

by Chivalry

Hey there, we’re Chivalry, 4 piece band from Norwich. We write songs that we’d listen to ourselves! If you like jumping around and singing along to music, this song is DEFINITELY for you! We hope you enjoy it!

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Hi friends, we're HEY LIFE from France and your listening our latest single Blue. The song describes a situation we all know: escape the everyday grind through excess to fight off depression.

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What You Want

by Elessar

Hey we're Elessar and this is our track 'What You Want'. Have a listen and prepare to have it on repeat for days!

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Sparks In Our Blood

by Matter Of Mind

We’re Matter Of Mind from Stockport, Manchester. If you like Ballsy guitars and choruses that will have you screaming along until your hearts content, we’re the band for you.

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Sub Pacific

We're Sub Pacific, this is our debut single "Can You" we'll be opening the main stage of the Isle of Wight Festival 2019 on Sunday 16th June. Our sound takes elements of rock and grunge incorporating themes of self-acceptance and personal hurdles in an eclectic way.

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Hey! We are Versa from Guildford, Surrey. We hope you enjoy our debut single! Act Natural is super driven track, with non stop riffs and energy, guaranteed to keep you on your toes! Something you wont want to miss live.

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Hey! We are Emnibis (Em - Knee - Bus) a pop rock band based in Croydon ! For fans of Green Day, All Time Low and Lower Than Atlantis! Come check our latest single "Giving it up", its free!

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Hey! We're Morale, a 3 piece band from Guildford, UK. We've recently released our debut single "Left For Dead" available on Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, etc. Come check us out!

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Matter Of Mind

We are Matter Of Mind, a 4 piece Alternative Rock band from Stockport, Manchester. We like loud guitars, big drums and catchy as hell vocals. Punch in ya gut tunes are what we're about. We may be from Stockport/Manchester, but we ain't no 'indie' band.

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Peace in Protest

Hi we’re Peace in Protest. We’re a hard rock three piece from Brighton, brought together by our desire to make music that gets people moving. Our debut single ‘Backwards’ is us showing you our love for heavy riffs, groove and pop hooks. We hope you enjoy it!

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Hi guys, we are HEY LIFE from Paris in France. This is our first ever single The Way Out and we hope you'll love it ! The idea of ​​HEY LIFE is to sound a colorful, energetic and groovy rock, through funky and ethereal melodies.

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Screech Bats

Screech Bats was formed by Lexi and Kit of Hearts Under Fire. The best way to describe our sound would be melodic punk rock, swaying more towards the rock side of things. Think Alkaline Trio meets Against Me! with an extra big serving of uncomfortable emotions.

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