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by Sharp Eyes

Sharp Eyes, the five-piece pop-punk/pop-rock sensation from Essex, UK, are here to bring you a dose of pure pop punk energy. Drawing inspiration from bands like All Time Low, The Maine, The Story So Far, and Neck Deep they've crafted a sound that's all about massive hooks and irresistible riffs. ‚Äč

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Can You See Me?

by Catholic Guilt

We're Catholic Guilt! And we're excited to share our 'feel sad hit of the summer', our new single 'Can You See Me?' about feeling lost. We hope you like it!

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"Repeating" delves into the meaning of creating music for us. Music has been a passion for us since childhood and despite the ebb and flow of band formations, the desire to continue playing has persisted. This drive to keep going, writing, and playing is what inspired the song's title.

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by Modern Misery

Hey, y’all! We’re a two-piece from Nashville, Tennessee called Modern Misery. We just released our debut EP on January 6th and this was our lead single! It’s got the classic 3-chord pop-punk thing going on and if you’d like to check it out, it has an interlude in the track before it. Thanks!

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by Avaraj

My name is Avaraj. I'm from Atlanta, GA. I started writing to help process my emotions, and eventually turned many of those writings into songs. I want my music to help people who are going through similar situations. This song is about a first love that turns into a first heartbreak.

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by Maggie Cassidy

This is the first single 'S.A.D' from our debut EP 'Life is Beautiful.'! It's all about Seasonal Affective Disorder and not seeing enough of the sun, which I think we can all relate to in these crazy times.

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Brook Davis

Hey! We are Brook Davis and this is our first single, 'I Can't Keep This Up Anymore'. We hope you will sing along!

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Maggie Cassidy

We're Maggie Cassidy, a Dirty Pop band out of Guildford in Surrey! Our new single Leaking Love is about living, and loving, while dealing with depression; we hope you like it.

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The Let Down

We are a 5 piece from Reading, UK aged between 17-22. This is our first demo. We are trying to revive the pop punk / emo scene in the UK! Help us do that! Our demo is available for download from Soundcloud - only 100 copies are available.

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