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We are Crapsons. Signed by link2wales Records. Well known for our on-stage energy, we cross over heavy, distorted punchy riffs with comical, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, singing about everyday pressing topics from deaths, sheds and biscuits

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False Heads

After forming in 2016, False Heads have already received a big thumbs up from Iggy Pop and  ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields who referred to them as being “one of the best live bands in the world.” Their new EP 'Less Is Better' is out now.

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Bob Vylan

We're Bob Vylan a London based two-piece punk band that incorporates Hardcore punk, rap, and grime all into one disgustingly macabre but honestly beautiful package. We are also truly D.I.Y. meaning we produce, record, mix and master everything by ourselves. We have no outside help whatsoever.

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