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by Seek Harbour

Hi all, we are Seek Harbour and this is our latest EP release Wolves, this track is about giving in and hiding until the ruthless and desperate collective comes rampaging at your door- but you have nothing left to offer them.

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by Pale

Hey, we're a post-hardcore band called Pale. Our debut single "Absence" was written with the intent to capture as much emotion as we could through the ethereal ambience in the instrumental all the way through to the delivery of the lyrics and imagery. We hope you like it.

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by I, The Mapmaker

'Weathered' is our first release since our debut EP entitled 'Searching' and is such an important track for us as a band. Weathered highlights the raw, emotive power behind our music that we first showcased with earlier tracks like 'Capsized' and 'Ghostwalker'.

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Hi Punktastic, we're melodic hardcore band Reclaimer from Lincoln. We hope you enjoy our new music video for "July". The track is taken from 'Grief, Enslaved' out August 2nd on Famined Records.

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Hey guys! We're Moderntears', a melodic hardcore band from Italy! Our latest single "Old Souls" is the track that we choose to lead our "Saddest Summer", despite the catchy chorus and the sweet melodies. It has been premiered by Dreambound and it will be on all the digital stores since June 26th!

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