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DC female fronted four-piece that melds years worth of loneliness, tragedy, addiction, political upheaval and lost love into a provocative and punishing Post-Hardcore soundscape influenced as much by the storied punk scene of the band’s hometown as grunge and metal of the members’ youths.

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Whats the big idea?

by Supersonic Fuzz Gun

Hiya! We are Supersonic Fuzz Gun a post punk/ alt rock band gigging around Birmingham and Worcester. The tune attached is off our Debut EP “Tone Deaf”. We tried to capture the energy we bring to gigs and i recon its a banger! Please give it a listen, thanks! -Fin from SFG

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Things I Feel


We are GIFTSHOP. Come visit us online or at one of our upcoming shows in NYC.

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Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!

by Rainbow Skull Party

Australian independent rock band Rainbow Skull Party is ecstatic to announce the release of our debut single, “Keep It Going, Going, Going, Go!”. Combining punk-rock energy with psychedelic sensibility, it blends pumping rhythms, charged vocals, and dreamy guitar mayhem.

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English Spaghetti

by The Sewer Cats

Hi! We're The Sewer Cats, a punk duo from Manchester. 'English Spaghetti' is from our debut album 'Cute Aggression' released on TNS Records. The song is a reaction to bigoted, small-minded people and the cause of their views - vile individuals in power continuously feeding us all lies.

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Beach Bod

by Those Troublemakers

Hey Hey! We are Those Troublemakers and this is the featured single from our first full length album. This is my favorite recorded song that we have made yet- I really feel like I found my voice here and its only getting stronger. I hope you enjoy! Music vid in the works!

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by The Meffs

OI OI, ITS THE MEFFS. We are noisy, we have a lot to say, and our songs are short, so if you don't like it, you can listen twice just to make sure. 'YOU'LL SEE' is the first in a string of 2021 releases, taking a jab at various societal views. You know what to do. UP THE MEFFS!

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Drawing us in with this breezy number, laden with syncopated rhythms and signature shifts, it tempts us with the colour of the next EP. Given the wild abandon that stung their debut, do we dare to dream that they can beguile us with yet another perfect riot?

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by La Sanyea Dengue

Automobile was written after singer Simon Lindberg had a near death experience when a car almost killed him at a pedestrian crossing. The driver was on his phone not paying attention to what was in front of him. The lyrics are to be viewed from the drivers perspective.

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Doom Generation

by Table Scraps

In a year lost to fear and confusion what could possibly be more 2020 than the sound of an air-raid siren? 'Doom Generation’, taken from the upcoming album Coffin Face, is a two minute blast of venomous catharsis from a band who have no other option but to keep pushing the boulder up the hill.

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