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Pipes (radio edit)

by The Ducks

Hello wrong uns, we're The Ducks, one of Brighton's (UK) most original bands. A weird, unique, absurd punk 2 piece. Recently, Louder Than War's new band of the day. This track is about DIY plumbing.

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by Acid Claw

Acid Claw are a cross genre, Punk/Ska/Thrash band from the south coast. Our musical approach is a combination of our tenacious lust for ‘out of the box’ thinking alongside a mantra of ‘anything goes’.

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by Digital Resistance

We're anarchist/left-wing academics who like to rage against the status quo, our songs are a mixture of poetry/spoken word against a backdrop of heavy riffs and eclectic sounds, subdued in parts and angry in others depending on how the story unfolds. All our songs are against oppression.

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I Don't Care

by The Penny Antics

The music video for the song 'I Don't Care' was made entirely by myself and the band's drummer. It features stop motion animation, green screening and 4K camera quality. We won 'Best Animated Film' (Over 16's) category for this video at the Harwich Festival of the Arts Film Festival on 16/11/20.

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Pipe Bomb

by Sleemo

Sleemo we are, we be Sleemo. This is the first single from our new EP "Mutation Of" and we're super excited for it to finally be released! We really tried to capture the huge amount of power and energy of our live shows into this song and we hope you play it loud!

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Love Song

by Percy

Yorkshire based Percy gained notoriety in the early nineties when their home brand of left-field post-punk led to a record deal with legendary Leeds label Mook Records. Sounding fresher than ever, this is 'Love Song'.

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Hot Ham & Cheese

Hey all...we are Hot Ham & Cheese from Cleveland, OH. This is the new single from our latest album The Onions Have Eyes. It's also the sequel to our 2006 track "Cocaine Billy". Pretty much straight-forward, old school punk at its core. We hope you dig it!

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Hi! We're Witchsister, an all-female, all-family band of shrieking garage rock banshees. Part punk, part rock, part metal, and all powerhouse, the darkly alluring sound of our music casts spells that enrapture listeners from start to finish.

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