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by If I Die Tonight

We're 'If I Die Tonight', an Alt-Grunge duo from Manchester. We began playing music together as the rhythm section in our old band. IIDT mixes our natural rhythmic sensibilities with raw emotional vocals to create a sound both fresh and nostalgic, fully realised in this track, 'Would?'.

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Hey Punktastic! I'm WYSE. '3 Whole Days' offers something altogether more progressive, pulsing with tension as it documents an internal fight between wanting to bury feelings of rejection while simultaneously needing to express them somehow.

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The record is really a confessional to dating misery, pain and loneliness, which we try to sweeten). We wanted to place the central voice in a sort of twisted relationship with their emotions, controlling their every move and losing their grip on reality

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Through My Window

by Stud Count

Philly-based indie punk rockers Stud Count are back with “Through My Window,” the next single from their upcoming self titled album. The track’s upbeat, infectious melody is about growing up and recognizing the things we unlearn as we mature in relationships.

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No (Doesn't Mean Convince Me)

by Naz & Ella

Hey! We are Naz & Ella, an alt-folk duo from London. Our new track ‘No (Doesn’t Mean Convince Me)’ is a dark song about the normalised sexual harassment women experience. The track is based around a grungy guitar riff and builds gradually with vibrato guitar lines and atmospheric harmonics.

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I Don't Care

by Spyres

We're Spyres! When a few of the restrictions were lifted, we went straight into the studio and started writing something new, trying to do something different and ‘I Don’t Care’ is the sum of that. To us, it feels like a pure coming of age song, like it could be in a movie and we hope you enjoy!

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by The Mandevilles

Hi Punktastic gang! We're The Mandevilles. Our new song "Lightning" reflects on the masochistic side of a past relationship. Eventually realizing that it just didn't work, but there's still this sick thrill from going through hell for someone you think you're meant to be with. Plus it's grungy af!

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Desk Chair

by Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

We're Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers from Canberra, Australia. Our new single 'Desk Chair' is a tribute to teenage feelings, and the problems that seem life changing but turn out to be insignificant. It’s about self-sabotage and wanting what you don’t have.

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Wynona Bleach

We are Wynona Bleach, an Alt-Gaze-Pop band from Ireland. We self recorded our debut EP and this track is the opening single from it that we released last year. We blend shimmery guitars with alt rock fuzz with pop melodies and hooks.

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Annie Taylor

We form a female fronted band called Annie Taylor as an homage to the enigmatic woman who jumped the Niagara Falls in a barrel and survived back in 1901. Now we feel ready to take a deep leap into the water with this new single and hope to share it as much as we can.

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Reading indie-rock 5-piece Valeras produce music that belies their years with the band all being aged between 17-19. Live the band have paid their dues picking up a wild and devoted following and have already played with the likes of Demob Happy, Yonaka, The Amazons, Fickle Friends and The Wombats.

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