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by The Mandevilles

Hi Punktastic gang! We're The Mandevilles. Our new song "Lightning" reflects on the masochistic side of a past relationship. Eventually realizing that it just didn't work, but there's still this sick thrill from going through hell for someone you think you're meant to be with. Plus it's grungy af!

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Flix from '86

by Rad Max

Rad Max is a rad wave dance rock band from Portland, Oregon.
They were voted most likely to play the training montage song in a straight-to-video b-movie.
In between VHS movie nights, this band blasts out ridiculous songs about malls, evil computers, and psycho killers with guitar-shaped drills.

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The Hippaes

People of the world, we are The Hippaes. Summery power pop punk from members of Bangers, No Comply, and Attack!! Vipers!! 80% pop, 20% punk and made to convince you it's warm enough to surf when it's actually a couple of degrees too cold.

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The Total Bettys

We're The Total Bettys - a four-piece, queer, feminist pop punk band from San Francisco, California. We released our second album This is Paradise last year, and it is about the struggle to put yourself back together after going through something trying.

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London indie punk trio cheerbleederz release their debut EP faceplant today. As a taster of what’s to come from the rest of the record, you can listen to lead single ‘cabin fever’ right now—a track about being unable to tell someone how you feel, and in turn feeling trapped by that situation.

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"'All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends' is my bratty ode to female friendship. I wrote this song to sort of embrace how it feels to be the only one in a group of friends who is single, but not because I wanted a boyfriend of my own. I just missed my friends and wanted them back!" -- Mori Einsidler

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