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Imposter Syndrome

by Solcura

Imposter Syndrome is a seething storm of biting lyrics, thundering rhythms and furious guitars that has been harnessed into a 4-minute barn burner of a tune. Solcura are an exhilarating alternative rock band that bring a genre-melding and diverse soundscape to the fore.

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by If I Die Tonight

We're 'If I Die Tonight', an Alt-Grunge duo from Manchester. We began playing music together as the rhythm section in our old band. IIDT mixes our natural rhythmic sensibilities with raw emotional vocals to create a sound both fresh and nostalgic, fully realised in this track, 'Would?'.

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Big Money

by Noiseheads

"Big Money," was the first track recorded with Steve Albini. He called it a rager after we played for him. This energetic, raw, and anthemic track shows our band going full steam ahead: There's no such thing as moderation. Overkill is just sedation.

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Party People

by Black Star Jackals

Hi, we are Black Star Jackals, an alt rock 4 piece from Glasgow looking to bring rock music back to the mainstream. This is our latest track Party People - a melodic dance rock anthem, bent on compelling you to join the party, and dance away your dreams.

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Me, Myself & I

by Blend

Hey! We're Blend, a rock band from Ohio, & this is our song "Me, Myself and I." It's about how mental health takes it's toll, especially when you don't know why you feel the way you do or how to make it better. Feelings of fear & self-doubt can creep up, even when we're at high points in our lives.

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Pocket Toy


Hey ya'll. Pocket Toy is about being made to feel worthless and redundant by the people you love the most. It's being trapped while your love festers into sickening spite. It was also written, performed and produced by one man alone. So if you're a drummer / bassist in Yorkshire, hit me up!

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Keep your hands to yourself

by Stone Breaker

Hi There, we are the Stone Breaker, a rock band from Portugal and "Motörbass" is our first single of our upcoming album, released on the 17th of April.

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by Igor’Z

Our first full-length album. It’s been a long way baby but we have made it! Cheerz

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Hey folks, we 're Sunflood from North London. In our first single we mixed a sci-fi tale of existential torment and redemption with a huge pounding drum sound, soaring guitars together with a really low driving bass sound. It's dark,powerful and uplifting, hope you like it.

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What if Thor’s Hammer of the Gods from “Immigrant Song” landed in the hands of four wise, willful, and wild women? Well, it would sound something like Thunderpussy. The quartet are Molly Sides [vocals], Whitney Petty [guitar], Leah Julius [bass] and Ruby Dunphy [drums]

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Wartoad are the up and coming punk/rock band who, after the success of their Slade Xmas cover, are back with a new single. A politically charged mash-up of Donald Trump and their punk rock musical stylings. With band members based in the UK, Texas, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and LA, the true identities of Wartoad are unknown.

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