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Mr. Clean

by BigKarma

“‘Mr. Clean is a song about deceit. Sometimes the people you least expect are the ones taking the most from you, and doing it with a smile. They will tell you what you want to hear, gaslight you and isolate you and move on when you’ve nothing left to give.”

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by Igor’Z

Our first full-length album. It’s been a long way baby but we have made it! Cheerz

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Chopping Mall

by Prayer Line

Prayer Line is a horror punk band that writes fun songs about fright flicks and other weird shit. Our debut record "Drink The Blood" was just released and we're about to start touring.

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Hi, we are a Hungarian four-piece rock band. No big words, no flick-flacks just rock and roll.

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Steel Trees

Heavy, Fast, Loud. Full on fuzz fest. Trio of brother bashing one out up and down the motorways for the last 6 years. Supporting Dinosaur Jr, Deap Vally, God Damn. Lovely music for tea HELL!

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