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by falselove

We're falselove from Cardiff, South Wales and this is candlelight. A song about the anxiety of outside noise and proving people wrong. If you're a fan of old school Emo, Pop Punk and Hardcore then this is the track for you!

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Perfect Storm

by Templeton Pek

Brand New Templeton Pek Single OUT NOW our first new music for 5 years. we hope you enjoy it :)

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The Fear That Kept Me Quiet

by Nvmeral

This track is taken from our debut EP, The Harmer and the Fool. Early reviews of the track have described it as having rich, shimmering melodies which transcend into incredible, crushingly heavy passages. We hope you enjoy it and that you check out the whole EP!

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'All the things we can't replace' EP

by Stay // Asleep

"A bold & brash punk rock soundtrack for desolate times" This song touches upon real life experiences of how, still to this day, there is a lack of respect for those that have contributed to growing this country. The rich tapestry and diversity of the UK should be celebrated, always.

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Another Ghost

by Failstate

Hey we are Failstate - Emo-Punk band from Newport, South Wales UK. "Another Ghost" is the first track we ever started writing together as a band & part of our forthcoming debut 'Sad Truth' EP available 9th June!

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Suffer In Silence

by Youth Illusion

Hey we're Youth Illusion! We are a mix of early 2000s punk rock with more of a melodic edge, with modern-day hooks and riffs.”

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by Reckoner

Catchy & fast paced, ’Revolver’ is the debut single from Midlands, UK based post-hardcore band, Reckoner. The song discusses a continuous cycle of poor choices & self neglect. It is the first of 5 songs taken from the forthcoming EP ‘I Am What You Will Become’. ‘Revolver’ is set for release 31.3.23.

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by Nvmeral

Hey Punktastic readers. We're Nvmeral from Oxford in the UK and this is our debut single, Parry! We've all grown up on bands who build up a progressive atmosphere with melodic and heavy sounds, and this track draws heavily on those post-hardcore influences. We hope you enjoy it!

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by If I Die Tonight

We're 'If I Die Tonight', an Alt-Grunge duo from Manchester. We began playing music together as the rhythm section in our old band. IIDT mixes our natural rhythmic sensibilities with raw emotional vocals to create a sound both fresh and nostalgic, fully realised in this track, 'Would?'.

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Science or Belief

by Bridges to Nowhere

Hi guys, this is the first track from our third album. During the pandemic we locked ourselves in our rehearsal room and recorded it all ourselves. It's always been hard for us to label our music, since each track is a little bit different. Just listen for yourselves and tell us what you think.

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The Way We Are Meant To Be

by Judgment, The

Hi, this is the first single from Judgment, The. It took me 3 years until everything was ready and I dared to publish the material. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to. The first of a few songs I cut from my heart - very personal. Things that touch me deeply, and maybe you too. Greetings, Luki.

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Enola Gay

by brocoy.

Hey, I'm brocoy. I'm a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Ontario. I've played in punk bands for over a decade and I'm constantly trying to push the boundaries of the genre. "Enola Gay" features polyrhythms, angular guitars, electronic loops, vocal harmonies, and a pulsing rhythm section.

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Hope Like Hell

by Suckerpunch

Upon first listen, the bright, pop punk guitars and infectious energy will paint a smile on your face. Underneath the sing-along exterior lies the somber yet hopeful message of battling and overcoming depression.

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Get Light

by Nobody, No One

We are Nobody, No One and this is “Get Light”, the single off our 2020 self-titled E.P. This E.P. is a concept E.P., but at this point, the character is finally finding respite and solace when he really needs it.

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by Prey drive

Hey all! We are Prey Drive & you are listening to our new single Socrates, taken from our upcoming EP "Neon God" (May 28th). Expect a powerhouse of authoritative rock riffs intertwined with intricate mathematical lead lines and a dream-like ambience, with soaring vocals soaked in canorous harmonies.

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by Prey drive

Hey! We are PREY DRIVE, an alt rock 4 piece from Norwich, UK. This is our latest single called "O.M.G" - Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. This is about putting a brave face on it and hiding how you are really feeling in tough times.

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Finger Guns

by Middlenamekill

We're Middlenamekill of no fixed genre. What a shit time to be musician. We're not special, particularly original, easy to pigeon hole or of any musical importance, however you will like us and the chances are your Mum won't.

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by A Tiger Made of Lightning

I'm Mike from A Tiger Made of Lightning, and this is my debut single! This song is about *gestures broadly at the current state of the world* and how to get through it. I think you'll be hooked in the first 30 seconds.

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Room With A View

by Heavy Hearts

Hi, we're Heavy Hearts. This is the title track from our new album, Room With A View. During the writing process, we named this song "Magic Band". It's our favourite song off the new record and we've spent the last two years dying to share it, and today is finally the day everyone gets to hear it.

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The Red Tree


AUDIO|FOR|GEMINI is the given name of a solo project from a musician with the given name of Nathan Allison, an artist from Scotland. Heavy bass lines, fuzz distortion, ambient guitars, emotive melodies, sincere lyrics. Enjoy.

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