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Living in Constant

by Venus Furs

Hi, I'm Paul Kasner aka Venus Furs. "Living in Constant" is my newest single from my upcoming debut LP. I've spent the last few years working on this collection of songs, I hope you enjoy it!

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Behind The Blue Sky

by Sonny Hell

Behind The Blue Sky started as an attempt to write a song with a guitar hook reminiscent of The Jesus And Mary Chain, then it morphed into something a bit more inspired by Joy Division, now it probably sounds like neither... or both? The lyrics are about navigating a depression.

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Never Enough

by Black Market Heart

Just in time for Day of the Dead, here's a lo-fi AF cover of 'Never Enough' from The Cure.

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Mr Wu's Pigs

Hi there. Mr Wu's Pigs takes the DIY punk ethic fully to heart by being, essentially, a solo project with occasional collaborators. "No Apologies" is the opening track from debut album IT IS WHAT IT IS, which came out at the end of September. Thanks for listening! xoink

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Twinken Park

Flaming queer and transsexual punk trio Twinken Park’s second EP Flowers contains four songs of snarling rage, dark humour and filthy power chords from a band with its head stuck somewhere between 1990 and 2001 in the best possible way. If you like claustrophobic post punk you’re in for a treat.

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