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Dracula Invitational, 1791

by The Hamiltones

Hello Ghouls. We are The Hamiltones. You are about to hear the score of the most ridiculous, b-movie Dracula film no one has ever seen (and may not even really exist). Enjoy the opening theme!

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Monster Movie

by The Tomb Tones

Straight outta their graves in Atlanta, GA, THE TOMB TONES will trick or treat your ears to a witch’s brew of hokey horror references, infectious hooks, and spooky storytelling that’s oozing with novelty Halloween punk rock sweetness

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Your Best Interest

by Entry

Hey we are Entry, a hardcore punk band based in LA. We've just announced our debut Detriment exploring different aspects of punk and hardcore. We believe in the power of punk and the uniting nature of music, reflecting ourselves and our community in our music.

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Take Me Home

by Tight Lipped

Hey guys, this track, Take Me Home, is the 1st on our new EP So Tight! It's super heavy old school, people call us 70's inspired, so we hope you'll take a listen. It's a banger. Feel free to post or share. Thanks!

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Broken Heart Gang

by Joanna and The Dropouts

Hey! We are Joanna and The Dropouts if you're Good at Being Bad like us then you'll love what we have in store. "Broken Heart Gang" is our 4th release, Horror Surf Punk dance anthem would best describe the track, it’s dark, it’s moody but it’s catchy as hell!

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Five Things

by Smalltown Tigers

Hi! Smalltown Tigers are proud to bring you our new single, the title track of our debut mini-album 'Five Things'. The video was shot in Dalston, London on our first UK dates. We're sorry to cancel our latest trip but we'll be over just as soon as we can!

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The Thrash Blues

We've finally got the sound and energy of our live show on record with our new single 'Halo'. It's full of the riffs and hooks we love to play and it's the kind of song that'll wind its way into your brain. So far the reaction to it has been fantastic. We're looking forward to releasing more soon.

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Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies

Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies are artpunks from Liverpool, UK. They play primitive punk rock and roll and sing about things they believe in, often involving witty tales of northern working class life.

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Screamin' Rebel Angels

Hi! Here is what Glide Magazine had about us“Some poor jaded souls spend a lot of time whining about what happened to “real rock and roll.” Those folks have clearly never heard Screamin’ Rebel Angels, a band that combines old-time rockabilly sounds with punk attitude on the new album Heel Grinder.”

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Slack Alices

They are a Manchester based punk band called Slack Alices. Their sound is classic 70s punk with a touch of rockabilly. Their debut single is Devils Whore.

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Evening Gentle-Earthlings, We are TWTHPASTE. It would be far more than a pleasure to share our debut demo tracks with you in hope it makes your arm hairs erect. A collection of three young strugglers, amplifying our emotions to cook daunting noises in attempt to flee this trap of a system. Enjoy x

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The Cutthroat Brothers

Digital Warfare Records announces the debut album by newly formed garage punk duo The Cutthroat Brothers. The duo consists of real-life barbers, the Sweeney Todd of Punk -- Jason Cutthroat (vocals, guitar) and Donny Paycheck (drums).

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The C33s

Hi, we’re The C33s, and this is our first release. We have been a band since February 2018.

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Scratch Buffalo

Hi! We're a garage rock trio and our album was released May 18. Hutch Harris of the Thermal's produced it! Our music is a combination of garage rock, 70's punk, surf guitar and deeply personal lyrics. We formed in 2014, and released EP's in 2016 and 2017.

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Bad Fractals

We are here for the dispossessed and the disillusioned, the empowered and the energized. We are a rage of punk, a sweet breeze that whispers secret sins and spits in your face. We are junk and jewels, rocks hurled through windows, kisses that roll across skin.We are mockery and mayhem, BAD FRACTALS.

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Unqualified Nurse Band

Hello! We're releasing the new (and third) Unqualified Nurse Band album this year. It's called UNB3. A link to the first song Spit & Howl is below. It's a 2 minute blast of Melodic Hardcore Punkabilly Chaos (is that even a thing?!?!).

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