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by Cause of Accident

Let's be honest, we've all been here - dating someone who we realise all too late might very well be an unstable lunatic. This chunky alt-rock slammer is the first single from our upcoming album 'Kill It With Fire', out May 5th!

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There Is No Place

by Canal Capitale

A hybrid strain of post-hardcore and indie with a range of flavours including, but not limited to, noise, math and pop. Users report strong sensations of indifference, confusion and Rock, in equal measure.

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American Podcasts

by Brunch

American Podcasts is latest single from London noise outfit Brunch. After months of the demos gathering dust on the band's gdrive, and after narrowly escaping New York following a semi-disastrous US tour in March, days before the apex of the pandemic, the band decide to get these songs out ASAP.

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Mob Wife

Hey guys, we're Mob Wife from Belfast, we've been playing together since August of last year. The song linked is our latest double single but the first song is really the star of the show. It's a song about false sincerity in the "woke" world. Hope you enjoy!

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Bleach Boy

Our name is BLEACH BOY. We're from all over but sticking to Manchester. We were f*cking freezing filming that video so I hope people like it. It's our Debut Single and it's called Death Row.

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Soyuz Rats

We are a Noise Rock trio, based in Norwich. Taking influences from Psych, Punk, Krautrock and Stoner we create heavy, sonic, relentless fuzz sounds. With some shouting.

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