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American Podcasts

by Brunch

American Podcasts is latest single from London noise outfit Brunch. After months of the demos gathering dust on the band's gdrive, and after narrowly escaping New York following a semi-disastrous US tour in March, days before the apex of the pandemic, the band decide to get these songs out ASAP.

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Cutler Station

We are 4 best friends who have been playing music together since we were in high school. We have so many songs, we fear we will never get them all recorded properly. We are all dads and have 10 kids combined. We do everything ourselves from the videos to recording. We love playing music.

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Parker Lee

We're a garbageshop quartet from York writing rock songs for day-to-day catharsis, tied up in a neat little package with lyrical themes of self-indulgence and primal fears. Our new song 'Fencer' is about how dangerous and spineless a centrist attitude can be.

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