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The Boy In The Picture

by This Familiar Smile

this is a track from our new album "Late Night Conversations With God" Its called "the boy in the picture" and its about looking back on the arrogance of our twenties where we knew everything, and how wrong we were. And the real pressure of life starts later.

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Breathe In

by Sports Almanac

Hi guys, we are Sports Almanac and we play alternative music inspired by midwestern emo but with modern pop sounds. This is our lead single off our new double A side 'Breathe / City'. This release along with all our previous ones is self recorded and mixed. Hope you dig it!

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The Sun

by Math Club

Hey all! We're a band called Math Club from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We've got a new EP dropping called Major Arcana, and this is the single from that called "The Sun"! It's a song about things getting better, and building new lives in a familiar space. Hope you dig!

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Speak Louder

by Campfire Social

Speak Louder is a song about the importance of talking about your problems before they get too much for you to handle.

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Life Aquatic

by Peaks

Peaks is an acoustically driven emo folk project by Cheshire based singer/songwriter Ben Forrester.

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Russell and the Wolf Choir

Hello. My name is Russ and my friends are the Wolf Choir. We have no fans.

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Hey everyone! We are Blueroom, a Philadelphia based indie rock band taking influences from film scores, post rock, and alternative rock to create our own dreamy blend of sounds. "Intertidal" is the single from our debut album "Laurentide" and does a great job encapsulating our sound!

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Parker Lee

We're a garbageshop quartet from York writing rock songs for day-to-day catharsis, tied up in a neat little package with lyrical themes of self-indulgence and primal fears. Our new song 'Fencer' is about how dangerous and spineless a centrist attitude can be.

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Holy Pinto

The song “Gold Leaf” is about distance, the restless feeling of wanting to ramble, of being wide-eyed about the world and wanting to chase experience. The song is tinged with sadness and regret; about what you sometimes give up, the potential of letting someone down and leaving them behind whilst.

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