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by Pale Lungs

Hi - this is the band Pale Lungs from Nashville, TN. Check out our song Hum - it's one of the singles leading up to our self-titled full length record that drops 1/13/2023. We self-produced this record from a remote cabin in the hills of Tennessee and are very proud of how it turned out.

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Enola Gay

by brocoy.

Hey, I'm brocoy. I'm a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto, Ontario. I've played in punk bands for over a decade and I'm constantly trying to push the boundaries of the genre. "Enola Gay" features polyrhythms, angular guitars, electronic loops, vocal harmonies, and a pulsing rhythm section.

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Kissed By The Stars

by doubting

We're an Irish emo/pop(-ish) punk band and this is the first real track we're putting out, following the release of some self-recorded (read: shite quality) demos we put out last year. Our new track is hopefully the first of many and features a mix of sounds from pop-punk to emo to post-rock.

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by I, The Mapmaker

'Weathered' is our first release since our debut EP entitled 'Searching' and is such an important track for us as a band. Weathered highlights the raw, emotive power behind our music that we first showcased with earlier tracks like 'Capsized' and 'Ghostwalker'.

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Bad Heart

by Overgrow

Overgrow is an indie emo band from Columbus, OH. This is their new single "Bad Heart" off their upcoming sophomore EP 'The Name We Share', slated for release May 3rd through Common Ground Records.

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Cold Reading

Hi everyone, We are Cold Reading from Lucerne, Switzerland and we will be releasing a three-part concept album over the course of 2019. 'Through the Woods, Pt.1' is the first single taken from it. If you like big riffs, driving drums and delicate vocals than this is right up your alley!

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We’re HALCYON, a three piece alternative rock outfit from Kent, UK. Our sound is influenced by a combination of modern day emo such as Foxing and La Dispute as well as alternative rock and grunge from the 90s such as Nirvana.

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Hey everyone! We are Blueroom, a Philadelphia based indie rock band taking influences from film scores, post rock, and alternative rock to create our own dreamy blend of sounds. "Intertidal" is the single from our debut album "Laurentide" and does a great job encapsulating our sound!

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