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Breathe In

by Sports Almanac

Hi guys, we are Sports Almanac and we play alternative music inspired by midwestern emo but with modern pop sounds. This is our lead single off our new double A side 'Breathe / City'. This release along with all our previous ones is self recorded and mixed. Hope you dig it!

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by Donut Boy

We are Donut Boy, a three piece punk band from Washington, DC. On Tuesday, January 26 we will release a five track EP titled The Before Times. The Before Times features a mix of grungy, punk riffs and captivating choruses, juxtaposed against honest, and often political, vocal lines. Hope you enjoy!

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Fuzz Aldrin: Lost in Space

by Dusty Cubby

Hi There, This is the newest song off of our newest single "Fuzz Aldrin." This song is about my dog travelling to Space to start a new life for himself away from the crazy place that is Planet Earth. Two other songs on this release are Everett and a cover of Josie by Blink 182. We Hope you enjoy!

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Asleep at the Wheel

by Couples Therapy

Hey guys, we're Brighton-based Sparkle Punk sad boys Couples Therapy. This is our new single Asleep at the Wheel complete with DIY quarantine music video. It's an optimistic little song about obsessing over the past and learning to break cycles of anxiety. We hope you enjoy it!

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Back to Before

by babygotbacktalk

What up, world! We're babygotbacktalk, a violin-powered, coed, multiracial D-I-Why?-because-we-gotta punk quartet from New York City. Our new single Back to Before is a timely, fist-pumping anthem about seizing the opportunity for a cultural reboot. Hope you love it!

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Hi, we’re ThreadBear - an unsigned three piece emo band from the north east of the UK. We recorded our first self-funded album with Leeds based producer Bob Cooper over a week in August 2018. We’re very happy to finally be releasing our first single from the record, Yupppp.

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