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I Could Be A Slow Burner

by Norm Archer

I’m Will (ex-Misgivings & Sombulance). This is the first single of my punk/indie solo project Norm Archer where I record everything. It’s a short punk/power pop anthem with an icy lead guitar about the hope that everything will work out when you have a suspicion that it won’t. Album out Aug 9th!!

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Las Nubes

Hola! We're Las Nubes from Miami, FL. We're a fuzzed-out dream pop trio from Miami, FL with songs in English and Spanish. Our debut full-length, entitled SMVT is dropping this coming June. If you're into catchy, lo-fi, distorted songs, you might dig what we do!

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Cutler Station

We are 4 best friends who have been playing music together since we were in high school. We have so many songs, we fear we will never get them all recorded properly. We are all dads and have 10 kids combined. We do everything ourselves from the videos to recording. We love playing music.

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The Blanks

Hello, we are The Blanks from Lansing, Michigan. We got our start as punk kids during the garage rock revival in the early 2000s and have now released our first album in 13 years. It's about getting older and coming to terms with your failures, but like, you can still dance to it, y'know?

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