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Go In

by Achers

We're a London DIY noise rock, punk band inspired by the likes of the San Diego hardcore scene, DC's Rev Summer, and the post punk of the late 70's/80's in the UK. This track 'Go In' is about overcoming anxiety and throwing yourself into life as best you can. "If noone makes it out, go in!"

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Polly Pocket Will Have Her Revenge

by Idaho Green

This track closes out the 7"- it includes a Hammond B3 organ, as well as my cat, Pocket, on vocals- a song that asks the eternal and important question we have asked cats of a certain size for millennia- "Why are you so small?"

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Do You Compute (full length)

by Do You Compute

We produced this record ourselves and are very proud of how it came out! We know you'll find some songs on here that you enjoy. Please share your thoughts and we hope to meet you at show soon! - Caleb, Tim, and Troy

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by Civil Villains

We are Civil Villains, a three piece math-infused post-hardcore band from London/Brighton.

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Mob Wife

Hey guys, we're Mob Wife from Belfast, we've been playing together since August of last year. The song linked is our latest double single but the first song is really the star of the show. It's a song about false sincerity in the "woke" world. Hope you enjoy!

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Hand of Gavrilo

Hello fellow troublemakers, We’re a band from sunny San Diego, California although it’s not always golden in the golden state. Through art and noise we’re a band of assassins that has come remind the world that dangerous music still exists. Join us.

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Softswitch is a synth-noise-punk foursome from Winnipeg MB, drawn together by their love of post-punk, early bedtimes, and DIY electronics. Having recently finished recording their EP to tape in Winnipeg, Softswitch took a trip to Chicago to have it mixed by Steve Albini and mastered by Bob Weston.

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Elias Black

Elias Black brings to the live band medium the ominous emotionality, twisted textures, and dissonance of industrial music. My songwriting is characterized by barbed hooks and organic musical interplay. Our aesthetic is steeped in 1980s dark wave, punk rock, and alternative rock.

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