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Escape My Past

by Middle-Out

Our sound has been likened to The Lawrence Arms, The Copyrights and The One Thought Moment. Shared vocals, catchy hooks and blistering riffs, our band tops it off with lyrics ranging from the melancholy of work to the ravages of getting old. Contemporaries will find relatability in these songs.

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Salad Days


Indie-punk newcomers SUNLINER have announced the release of their self-titled debut album, out 4th November via Lockjaw Records, and released new track 'Salad Days' with new video featuring bassist Caffs surprising ability at Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1.

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I Call Him Gamblore


The new track from Leeds indie punks 'I Call Him Gamblore' is about struggling to adjust after education to the crushing realisation of the bleak job market, and the compromise so many people have to make, not because they want to, but because they're left no choice.

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by Jet Packs

We're Jet Packs from Vladimir, Russia and we have a new record out (the first in 7 years), full of self-reflection, great melodies, and hooks. Uncertainty is a perfect closer. Probably the best take on the complexity of life in 2022! You're in for a treat!

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Northern Lights

by Vampire Slumber Party

I wrote this song when I was working a crappy job for an awful, patronising boss. Weeks seemed to last about 10 days, weekends flew by in what felt like hours, and all I seemed to do was bite my tongue and dream about the northern lights. I'm sure we've all been there...

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by Vampire Slumber Party

hey, my name's yusuf laher. now formerly of london, uk punk band laserchrist. i wrote an album called funeral pop during lockdown

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Need You Around

by Sadellites

Sadellites (ex-Belle Reve) from California and we have released a cover of Smoking Pope’s “Need You Around” featuring the vocals by Donald Spence (Versus The World). This new single is streaming everywhere or may be downloaded for free at their bandcamp.

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Erin Rose drinks on shift

by Good Friend

We're Newcastle based Irish punks Good Friend. After 4 years touring the UK, EU and USA the band have just dropped their eagerly anticipated new release The Erin Rose EP as well as a new action-packed video. Single Erin Rose drinks on shift is a rousing rock-punk jam hotter than an O'Irish Coffee.

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Throw Me In the Grave

by Nowhere Days

Nowhere Days was formed in Chicago in 2019 by three people who met on Craigslist after joining a short-lived pop/punk cover band. We just self-released our debut album, "Circling the Drain," which was largely recorded in Kevin's mom's basement. Thanks again, Kevin's mom!

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Chemicals Man, They'll Fuck You Up

by The Revoors

We are an unknown punk rock band who just released their debut EP “Low-Cost Punk, High-End Feels” along with a video for the song “Chemicals man, they’ll fuck you up”. Our vocals are sung in spanish and english accompanied with thick guitars, growling basslines and a steady 90’s Punk beat.

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by Pop Icons

This song is about how moving on can be for the best, but still not the easiest thing in the world to do. 'My hometown sucks' seems to be a common and overused theme in pop punk and this is just trying to show that most homes are what you make of it. We hope you dig it!

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The Window

by Sam Russo

From Sam: ”The Window is about chasing down your demons, Evil Dead 2 style. It was the first song I recorded for Back To The Party and it’s the only good thing I’ve ever done before 7am with two guys in a sweaty room with a two-way mirror.” Back To The Party, his third album, is a diverse-sounding record with a broad spectrum of emotions on display. You can hear the loyalty and the love, the fear and the hope, the desperation and the triumph. You can also hear Sam trying new things as he crafts 33 minutes of his best stuff yet.

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by BoxCat

We're BoxCat, a Zine-obsessed Skate Punk band from Wales. We love nothing more than Dad jokes and playing silly games during our shows. This track is fresh from our E.P 'Something', and its about dealing with the more confusing side effects of depression and anxiety.

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Our Father, Who Art Thou In Silence!

by Foreign Bier

Hiya, We're Foreign Bier. Melodic cry punkers and orgcore losers from Norwich, UK. We aren't overly socialble but our new record come out 25th January 2020. Check it out! Ta x

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Life On Standby

by Movin In Stereo

Hey! We are Movin In Stereo from Gothenburg, Sweden. If ya like a catchy tune and goodtimes then we are the perfect Tinder date for you.

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by Split Feed

Hey! We're Split Feed from Newcastle in Australia, and this is our new single 'Dwell'. It's about the struggles that come with the ending of relationships, and what we do to try and forget them. It's our favourite release yet and features our rockiest rock guitar solo yet. Hope you enjoy!

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by Modern Shakes

After a quiet start to 2019 we’d like to slide back into action by presenting our first EP Murmur. Recorded last year by Tim Greaves at Southsea studios and mixed by Daly George at the Ranch. This record represents the foundation of our band with more to come.

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by The Carolyn

Hey guys, we're The Carolyn! We're set to release our debut LP, “This Will Begin to Make Things Right” via Atlanta indie label 59 X Records this summer. In the meantime, you can discover below our single "A.M."... We hope you'll like it! :)

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Foreign Bier

Ay Up Folks, We're Foreign Bier, 3 Piece Melodic Skate Punk and Pop Song Extraordinaire from that fine city Norwich. Come check out our new EP "Losing Control" available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and all the usual internet corners of the Earth.

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Burnt Tapes

We're Burnt Tapes from London, although we started off in Athens. We create our own brand of 'regret punk', with gruff vocals, layered melodies and lyrics that we hope you'll get inked on you. We're releasing our debut album 'Never Better' via Lockjaw Records and Wiretap Records on Feb 22nd.

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