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life is what happens while your busy making plans

by Alice is Dead

Hey my name Zac i have been working on this album for a long time. the title track is about being alone with no friends or family and waiting on a better tomorrow.

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Tick Tock, the Culture's Dead

by American Thought Criminal

We aim to "Make Punk Anti-Establishment Again". Like this track, a brutish and short takedown of modern TikTok culture, using classic art and infernal imagery to draw a comparison to the deadly sins.

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by Acid Claw

Formed in 2020, we began writing music that didn’t stick to conventional ideology. 
Our musical approach is a combination of a tenacious lust for ‘out of the box’ thinking alongside a mantra of ‘anything goes’. Our Track "Sleepwalker" has been our most popular track of our album.

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by The Linecutters

We're a Phoenix AZ band that just got done touring extensively with Black Flag all across the country before everything went on lockdown. Our new song Elucidator criticizes people who hold their own morals and worldview above other peoples freedom of speech and safety.

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KALIK was founded in 2005. We have been on multiple EU/UK tours over the years and shared stages with bands like Toxic Reasons, Total Chaos, The Casualties and Appäratus. This track is for those of you who like old school punk!

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52 Demons

by The Shifty Grifts

Hi! Were a skapunk band from Prague, and we just released our first album! We try to write music that is political and has an opinion, but is also personal, is about our everyday struggles, and is something people can relate to and channel their frustration through, but also have a good skank to :D

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The Infested

The Infested are punk/ska band from hailing from Leeds, UK 'Believe' is the first track from the album 'Raw Ensemble' (the band's 3rd album) which is due for release this year (date TBC)

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