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The Window

by Sam Russo

From Sam: ”The Window is about chasing down your demons, Evil Dead 2 style. It was the first song I recorded for Back To The Party and it’s the only good thing I’ve ever done before 7am with two guys in a sweaty room with a two-way mirror.” Back To The Party, his third album, is a diverse-sounding record with a broad spectrum of emotions on display. You can hear the loyalty and the love, the fear and the hope, the desperation and the triumph. You can also hear Sam trying new things as he crafts 33 minutes of his best stuff yet.

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Dangers of Love

Hey! Very stoked to be sending you the debut track from London's Dangers of Love, the new band formed by members of Great Cynics, Apologies, I Have None, Honey Joy and more...! "Like a London Teenage Fanclub," - Paul Smith, Maxïmo Park

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Hi! We're vaguely folkish melodic punk band JSR! We have a shiny new album coming out in August 2018, but we just put out a teaser EP entitled "Demo" "2016". Here is the first track off of it, its the one that we like the best.

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