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Escape My Past

by Middle-Out

Our sound has been likened to The Lawrence Arms, The Copyrights and The One Thought Moment. Shared vocals, catchy hooks and blistering riffs, our band tops it off with lyrics ranging from the melancholy of work to the ravages of getting old. Contemporaries will find relatability in these songs.

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Don't Wanna Die Next to You

by McBain

McBain is a Punk Rock power trio based in Milano, Italy. Don't wanna Die next to you is a song about how the media mythologized criminals and turned the worst tragedies into entertainment

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by Burning Nickels

What started as an outlet to record forgotten songs from days long past has now morphed into a pop punk monster. Calling on friends from all over the world to sing and play on the songs, Burning Nickels has released their latest EP, Cobwebs, to spectacular critical acclaim form themselves.

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Die Young

by the Cola Heads

"....Sit back, relax and turn it the fuck up!!!" - Julian Swift (lead singer & rhythm guitar for The Cola Heads)

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The Stable

The Stable are a new punk band from Cleveland, Ohio featuring members of Above This Fire, Seafair, RAM ONES, and Varsity Pinball. The members have been involved in the Cleveland music scene for over 15 years. They play a healthy mix of straight forward punk rock, pop punk and skate punk.

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