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by Enemy of My Enemy

We're a punk and rock n' roll band from Santa Cruz CA. This is a track off our self-titled album, out now on Snubbed Records. Our super powerful and catchy riffs combined with Christa's melodic vocals make this an energy packed album well worth checking out. Thanks!

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Hook Line Sinker

by Beerwolf

Here's a song from our new record. It's about punching your landlord. Maybe.

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Bare Teeth

Hi guys, we're Bare Teeth, a punk rock band hailing from Lille, France. Our new international punk split "Bridging Oceans" (out on April 26th) features our band, Nerdlinger (Australia), Down Memory Lane (Canada) and Shames (Japan). Hope you'll like it!

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Shadows Of Defeat

We live and love the melodic punkrock of the 90's we grew up with and influenced our sound. Whether heroic or melancholic, our music is always captivating and packed with emotions. Check us out!

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Hi! Our little band Fladderpuck, hailing from Tampere,is essentially 5 guys playing the music we grew up with in the 90's and 00's. If you're into punk rock/hardcore from that time, this might be something for you to look into. Hope you like it!

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Hey! We are a Hardcore Punk band from London & Brighton in the UK. We take influences from American Nightmare, Good Riddance, Dead Hearts; so we are pretty metal free!

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