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by Outer Conrol

Hey Outer Control loves our fast melodic skate punk. We wrote Forest as a call out for everyone to remember to take care of our planet .Especially the forests. With all the shit that's going on in the world right now, people have lost sight that if we cut them down they'll never be the same again.

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Navy Days

by Hinge

Hi people ,we are Hinge from Essex We have been wanting to play in a punk band for years, due to the boozers shutting down during lockdown, what else was there to do but write music. We got our first 7 track self titled EP out and would love people to go check it out.

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Hometown Hostage

by Boltergeist

This is the 2nd single for the band Boltergeist which is a collaboration of members between Frank Dux and Trashed Ambulance. They play poppy yet thought provoking punk rock and are only just beginning.

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Constant Interruption

by Outer Control

Hey we’re Outer Control and we love to play fast, fun melodic punk to get you buzzing. This track is in keeping with who we are, so we hope it at least makes you wriggle a little.

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by Joey Cobra

This track is one that I wrote about self-isolation, and the monotony and hopelessness of daily life. I felt as though these themes resonate in this reality that we're living right now.

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Foreign Bier

Ay Up Folks, We're Foreign Bier, 3 Piece Melodic Skate Punk and Pop Song Extraordinaire from that fine city Norwich. Come check out our new EP "Losing Control" available on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and all the usual internet corners of the Earth.

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Shadows Of Defeat

We live and love the melodic punkrock of the 90's we grew up with and influenced our sound. Whether heroic or melancholic, our music is always captivating and packed with emotions. Check us out!

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Hi! We are Buster, a melodic punk band from Salvador, Brazil. Recently we released a new album called 'Still on the Road'. With a strongly striking sound, intense melodies and influenced by 90's punk bands. We hope you enjoy!

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Set Engine Off

Hey there, we’re a melodic punk rock band from across the pond (BC, Canada). This song will be on our debut EP ‘create.destroy.rebuild.repeat’ out this summer/autumn. If you dig bands like Face to Face, Pulley, NUFAN, check us out!

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Fallen Monuments

Hello world! We are Fallen Monuments, a melodic punk band from San Diego, California. We have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into our debut album. Please give it a listen. These songs mean so much to us and we hope they eventually mean something to you too.

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