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by Downtime

A track taken from the bands debut record. It may be taken from 1995, but it's still as powerful as ever. It's hard boxing this music into an exact genre or style, but we hope you enjoy it anyway!

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by Citizen Rage

After sharing the stages with bands such as DRI, Cro-Mags, Trapped Under Ice and Madball, Citizen Rage have unleashed HARSH REALITY on Toronto punk powerhouse CURSED BLESSINGS RECORDS. They hope to carry on spreading their message of positive social change.Hug your homies!

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Pay To Exist

by Down With Rent

Connecticut hardcore punk band ‘Down With Rent’ releases their latest single ‘Pay To Exist’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Shithead Americana’, the track that takes aim at the uncaring system in America that’s seemingly designed to keep you poor.

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by AFO

AFO formed in 1990 among four friends who liked skateboarding and listening to fast and loud music. Originally, bands like Fugazi, Bad Brains, Youth of Today, and Sick of It All influenced their initial sound.

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2008 Again

by Down With Rent

Connecticut hardcore punk band ‘Down With Rent’ releases their latest single ‘2008 Again’ taken from their upcoming EP ‘Shithead Americana’, which outlines the political and sociological issues facing the US through a barrage of distorted guitars and dissenting commentary.

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Join the riot

by Final Struggle HCMO

Born to pay tribute to the hardcore of the 90s and early 2000s, inspired by bands like Strife, Arkangel and Morning Again, after a few concerts in their area, Final Struggle are ready to start their journey with the first EP “JOIN THE RIOT” released 31/01/2023

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There We Are Then

by Peruvian Necktie

Have you always wanted to hear a song written by a bunch of late 30 somethings shouting about being dragged into a meeting at work that should have just been an email? Well, that's us!

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KC Shuffle

by Broken Jaw

Oi oi, we are the rowdy Punk Metal band Broken Jaw and you're watching / listening to our huge debut single, KC Shuffle. Go follow us and make a gig!

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Il tempo delle mele

by Jackie Brown

Red Line is the new EP released by Jackie Brown, punk rock band from Italy! The new EP is composed by "Il tempo Delle Mele", "Non ti fan" e "Sonata": three songs sung in Italian with a scratchy voice. The Jackie Brown sound is a mix of punk rock and alternative rock!

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by My Latest Failure

We are a three piece Punk Band from Middlesex, London (UK) who play heavy riffs, catchy hooks with sing along lyrics. Known for being energetic and raw with our sound. Voices is off our Failures Vol.2 EP out 30/04/2021

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Lazarus Moment

by Herzschlager

This is what happens when your're bored, have loved hardcore, punk and d-beat forever and decide to put a few songs together that celebrates that. Enjoy Herzschlager!

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by Choices Made

We're a Toronto-based hardcore/punk band who have had a busy year through 2020 releasing a handful of singles including "Sideroads" January, 2021.

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Dying breed

by Prizefighter

Hi. Just a couple oldish guys who still love to play punk/hardcore.

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Hear Me Out

by Dragged In

...We grew up listening to great hardcore and punk bands like Sick Of It All, Minor Threat, Dayglo Abortions, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Poison Idea, DRI, and Gang Green....We love those bands,as well we love post hardcore too like Fugazi, Drive Like Jehu... -Dragged In

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Eskimo Kissing

by the Washed up has beens

John Lord and Lemmy jamming, after they heard new york hardcore for the first time, that's the sound of the WUHB. Raw, in your face, no-nonsense rock-n-roll. Hope you like it, better yet; we love to hear your feedback.

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Car Bomb Attack

by The Car Bomb Parade

The Car Bomb Parade is a NYC/NJ hardcore/punk/thrash band formed on the cusp of 2014. Re-spawned in 2016 with a new lineup, new material, and a better-than-ever intensity, The Car Bomb boys/lady are hell bent on making their mark in the NYHC/punk rock community.

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There’s no elaborate story surrounding EAT DIRT. What you see if what you get. They’re just a bunch of musicians who needed a place, and head space, to get creative, away from the mess of life in modern Britain—this band is an outlet for the frustration, anger, and rising tide of disenfranchisement.

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The New Enemy

The New Enemy's "Illusion of Choice" is available now on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Five original songs and three covers (Leonard Cohen, Snapcase, Gob). With mixing by Will Killingsworth (Full of Hell, Incendiary) and mastering by Arthur Rizk (Code Orange, Power Trip).

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The Woodsman

No morals, no talent, just 3 utter c***s. The Woodsman were formed in the summer of 2018 from a desire to create dirty and disturbing music, forgoing the trappings of a bass player our music is simple, heavy, groovy, fuzzy, fast and fun.

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