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by Downtime

A track taken from the bands debut record. It may be taken from 1995, but it's still as powerful as ever. It's hard boxing this music into an exact genre or style, but we hope you enjoy it anyway!

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by Citizen Rage

After sharing the stages with bands such as DRI, Cro-Mags, Trapped Under Ice and Madball, Citizen Rage have unleashed HARSH REALITY on Toronto punk powerhouse CURSED BLESSINGS RECORDS. They hope to carry on spreading their message of positive social change.Hug your homies!

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Bulletproof Boots

by Conditions Apply

We're Conditions Apply. Our song Bulletproof Boots is about shooting yourself in the foot, an issue everyone can relate to. Though a couple of our members have been playing in punk bands since the mid 90's, this is the first music video any of us have ever made. Enjoy!!! Jonah.

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by Strike At Once

Hey there! This is our newest release 'Split'. We come from Finland and we are ready to play some serious crossover metal to you guys!

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From Today

by From Today

Established in 2016, From Today consists of harcore enthusiasts. This is our self titled debut album released in January 2020.

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by Trailer Trash Terror

Hello, world. We are Trailer Trash Terror, a hardcore band from a country of 1000 lakes, Finland. We would like to introduce you our catchy and groovy track Unbreakable. We hope you love it and find us later on our social medias to listen more! Cheers

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Car Bomb Attack

by The Car Bomb Parade

The Car Bomb Parade is a NYC/NJ hardcore/punk/thrash band formed on the cusp of 2014. Re-spawned in 2016 with a new lineup, new material, and a better-than-ever intensity, The Car Bomb boys/lady are hell bent on making their mark in the NYHC/punk rock community.

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CANIBALS are a New York hardcore thrash crossover band releasing our first EP this summer and single BLUE HEAVEN we are the direct support band for Agnostic Front, Murphy's Law, leeway, Harley Flanagan cro-mags real powerful punch you in the face music

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Corky's Leather Jacket

This is the Mesa street Punk band, Corkys Leather Jacket!. Classic formula of old-school punk.

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