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Pity Party

by Broken Lungs

We're Broken Lungs, loud fast noise from Birmingham and we present to you our Pity Party, taken from our upcoming EP Love Is Temporary And So Are We (out Fri 1st March), and you're all invited

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Nothing But Contempt For Those With No Spacial Awareness

by Finisher

Do you hate slow walking people? Even worse, people that just stop right in front of you? Well Finisher from Bristol, UK are also annoyed by this and have a brand new song about this painful subject. It's called 'Nothing But Contempt For Those With No Spacial Awareness'.

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Пусть подавятся костями

by Social Discord

Hi! we are Social Discord, a punk/metal band from Podolsk, Russia. This is our second release where we have recorded three great songs for you. This one's a song about life. It's fast and energetic. We hope you love it!

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by Without Love

We are Without Love - fast, melodic and passionate hardcore from the north of England, with members having previously played in bands including Grader and Half Sight. We put out our first song ‘Surrender’ a few weeks ago and our full EP is out on Friday 13th May, both on tape and streaming services

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Dead Air

by Compounds

We're Compounds - a 5-piece Melodic Hardcore band from Reading, Berkshire. Check out our latest single, Dead Air, a quick insight into what's to come from our new line-up.

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Lazarus Moment

by Herzschlager

This is what happens when your're bored, have loved hardcore, punk and d-beat forever and decide to put a few songs together that celebrates that. Enjoy Herzschlager!

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by ROT

We write songs that talk about issues people need to wake up to, and sometimes it takes music to deliver that message and actually open people’s minds. Turn off the fucking TV, and know that now more than ever is the time to make a change that will help the world unite.

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Money $hot

by Dirt Merchant

Hey people! Check out this track and see what you think. We're a mix of old-school hardcore with groove influence. This song exemplifies what we do well as a band, great two-step riffs and energy.

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Samson's Bad Hair Day

by In Case Of Ire

Hello hardcore fans! Maybe you have heard of us. Most probably you haven’t. We are In Case Of Ire, a Skate-punkish, melodic hardcore band from the west coast of Sweden. It took us some time but we’ve managed to staple together a few songs for you to listen to.

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by I See Vultures

We are a new five piece from Leicester, UK. This is our first release and we're excited to put it out into the world. If you like it, keep tabs on our page as we have loads more to come throughout 2020

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

by Hotknives

Here is our newest single and Music Video! We hope you like it. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

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Hi Punktastic! We're COPE & this is our brand new single, EMPIRE. Empire sows a taste of things to come from a fiery & energetic COPE who have a new found drive to storm the heavy music scene. On tour with MSRY on the 14th – 17th this Feb! In Birmingham, Newcastle, Manchester and London

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Eight Days

London-based hardcore punks EIGHT DAYS are back with an explosive new single, Stray, arriving on 12th October, along with a brand new track, Something Made Different.

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Half Sight

Half Sight are a band who focus on making melodic, original and meaningful music. Debut album Rhetoric out now.

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