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Fail, Grasp, Restore

by Chalk Hands

As a first single (and opening track of our upcoming debut album) we wanted something that encapsulates everything the band is about, from huge emotional post-rock builds to frantic math-rock tinged screamo sections, always following a nonlinear structure that takes you on an ever-changing journey.

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by Patient Hell

Hey guys!! we're a new band from Newcastle upon Tyne, called Patient Hell. This song is our debut single that we've working on for the past year or so, it's a melodic, heavy and emotional song, we're really happy with it and hopefully you enjoy it too!

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by I, The Mapmaker

'Weathered' is our first release since our debut EP entitled 'Searching' and is such an important track for us as a band. Weathered highlights the raw, emotive power behind our music that we first showcased with earlier tracks like 'Capsized' and 'Ghostwalker'.

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Chalk Hands

We're Chalk Hands from Brighton (UK) and we're super proud to be releasing this 3-way split with the awesome reveries (US) and Okänt (SWEDEN)

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Better Than Mending

Formed in 2016, Better Than Mending combine elements of post-hardcore, screamo and post-rock with a live show that incorporates sweeping soundscapes and cathartic emotional aggression.

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We're Shadowboxer, a Norwich alt-rock quartet combining gritty and aggressive instrumentation and vocals with softer, catchier moments.

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Death of Youth

Hi there, we're Death of Youth, a Melodic Hardcore trio from South East London. We've recently released our debut EP 'Between Chapters', which is full of intense yet melodic musicianship and introspective lyrics, so if you like your music sad and shouty, give us a listen!

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Eight Days

London-based hardcore punks EIGHT DAYS are back with an explosive new single, Stray, arriving on 12th October, along with a brand new track, Something Made Different.

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Harmless Like You

sad music by sad people for sad listeners. we put together a bunch of songs that helped us to vent out our emotions about being left behind and heartbroken.

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We (Sven) just put out our first EP 'Seventeen' independently and wondered if you'd be kind enough to give it a spin when you've got a spare 15. <3

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