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by Dad Magic

This new single will kick off 2024 for us. It is the soundtrack of Dad Magic's new year. It's a song that showcases Dad Magic's ability to write a song with a catchy chorus. The song blends classic hardcore riffs with an emotional punk chorus in the veins of Title Fight & Touché Amoré.

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by Open Palms

Candystripers - the nickname for nursing assistants, who we clapped for in lockdown, but turn a blind eye to supporting with better pay. Our most caustic song, a political song drawn from anger at the UK. A cynical Tory government keeps our NHS underfunded in favour of profit. This is our riposte.

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Friends Noises

by Every Face Becomes A Skull

This is a punk song about the comfort music/media that you always go back to.

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Holding Hands

by Self Neglect

Self Neglect creates a powerful space to explore themes of trauma, guilt, loss, identity, and meaning. Our music is a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact. Since our formation on New Year's Eve in 2015, We are dedicated to touching the hearts and minds people.

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by BraveFace

We're BraveFace, a new post-hardcore band from Manchester, UK. The band got together after the pandemic, and began writing and recording remotely. We've now dropped our first single, 'Healer'. It's for fans of Drug Church, Militarie Gun, Basement etc. Please check it out! Cheers.

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The Way We Are Meant To Be

by Judgment, The

Hi, this is the first single from Judgment, The. It took me 3 years until everything was ready and I dared to publish the material. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to. The first of a few songs I cut from my heart - very personal. Things that touch me deeply, and maybe you too. Greetings, Luki.

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Formed in 2018, DISILLUSIONIST is a three-piece melodic hardcore band from Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting of drummer Sara Gacic (Ivy Crown), guitarist Jakob Høy, and vocalist Frederik Brandt Jakobsen. Their second single, "Resented" is the band's unapologetic love letter to punk.

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The Rose Gold Hour

by incaseyouleave

Hey there, we're incaseyouleave, a new screamo/emo band from London, UK. This track is our newly released single from our first EP that we are self-releasing in July. It's a song for emo & screamo fans alike, combining twinkly guitars, punky rhythms and a mixture of clean and screamed vocals.

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by Dan*

This is a song about that person who keeps you warm at night, once they're gone.

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by Patient Hell

Hey guys!! we're a new band from Newcastle upon Tyne, called Patient Hell. This song is our debut single that we've working on for the past year or so, it's a melodic, heavy and emotional song, we're really happy with it and hopefully you enjoy it too!

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Faded Nostalgia

by Death of Youth

We're Death of Youth, a Melodic Hardcore project from Kent/South East London which intertwines the aggression of Hardcore with the introspective nature of Emo. Check out our single 'Faded Nostalgia' from our new EP 'Suburban Dystopia'

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by Antiguo

This is our most recent release and best displays the sound we characterise as Coldcore. Indie and post-punk influences meshed through our hardcore / DIY lineage.

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by Colourful

We're a new Glasgow based band with influences in emo, alternative and hardcore artists. We currently have 2 singles out - 'Your Best Possible Life' and our latest single 'Healthy/Happy' which are both going to be on our debut album 'Until Life Gives Us Colour' out next month.

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Better Than Mending

Formed in 2016, Better Than Mending combine elements of post-hardcore, screamo and post-rock with a live show that incorporates sweeping soundscapes and cathartic emotional aggression.

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Death of Youth

Hi there, we're Death of Youth, a Melodic Hardcore trio from South East London. We've recently released our debut EP 'Between Chapters', which is full of intense yet melodic musicianship and introspective lyrics, so if you like your music sad and shouty, give us a listen!

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Being A Tiger

How often do you hear a track that inspires you to crank it up to full and want to jump through a brick wall? This post-hardcore/grunge track by Being A Tiger is one of those! An energetic and passionate delivery shows this band are one to watch out for...

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This is Treason

We're This is Treason, a shoegaze and dream pop-influenced skramz band, fusing the melancholic, ferocious and amelodious vocal styles of '90s screamo bands like Orchid and Pg. 99 with the depressing soundscapes of shoegaze and dream pop acts like My Bloody Valentine, Narrow Head and Cloakroom.

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We've been making music together for a long time because we've been friends since our childhood. We tried to express how we changed and evolved over the years. From the bottom of our hearts, with sorrow.

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Half Sight

Half Sight are a band who focus on making melodic, original and meaningful music. Debut album Rhetoric out now.

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