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Someone wrote that it's a lil like crawling up in your own sweat, piss, and vomit to create a new kind of amniotic fluid - I can't really top that. Would <3 if u could give a listen! Mix: Jon Markson (Drug Church, Soul Blind, DRAIN, KOYO) Drums: David Haik (Pianos Become The Teeth, United Nations)

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Sad Sack

by Squidge

Hey we're Squidge, a sad silly bunch of punks from Bristol and Cardiff. We like writing loud, gritty songs with a melodic and catchy twist. Despite our demeanour we like to pull down that facade when it comes to our writing, so give our brand new single Sad Sack a spin to hear for yourselves.

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Bad Soup // Absurd Beast

by Dad Magic

Hello! We're Dad Magic! Bad Soup is a song about how the world is suffocating through the actions of an arrogant species who took agency over nature. Absurd Beast describes the feeling of the absurd. A constant struggle between purpose and the feeling of impermanence as described by Albert Camus.

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Friends Noises

by Every Face Becomes A Skull

This is a punk song about the comfort music/media that you always go back to.

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Decades like Seconds

by Afterburn

Hey, we're Afterburn. This is our 3rd EP but a bit of a shift from our previous EP's. Our first releases were "Open Eyes Long Blinded" and the 7" "Weight of the World" which were straight up fast hardcore punk, with the change of a few members we've headed in a more post-hardcore sound.

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by Fussy

Hey, we're Fussy from Leeds, UK. Born from a love of punk-rock, hardcore and everything in between. Our debut single, "Dopamine" was written because we wanted write something you could simultaneously stage dive, head bang and singing your heart out to. Enjoy!

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by BraveFace

We're BraveFace, a new post-hardcore band from Manchester, UK. The band got together after the pandemic, and began writing and recording remotely. We've now dropped our first single, 'Healer'. It's for fans of Drug Church, Militarie Gun, Basement etc. Please check it out! Cheers.

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Call Of The Void

by Call Of The Void

We are Call Of The Void. Hardcore Punk from Bristol England, our sound is a blend of performance poetry and classic punk influence with a modern twist.

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Broken Glass

by Beast Killer

Hey! We're Beast Killer! This song is about waking up some days feeling like you can take on the world and plenty of others where you feel completely vulnerable and finding a way to reconcile that. Enjoy!

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Hi, we are a band called HEAVE. We just dropped our debut single 'Saddo'.

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Pain Ball

by Hippie Trim

Hey everyone we are Hippie Trim from the Germany and just released our new single "Pain Ball". Even though the past months have been tough for everyone, "Pain Ball" shows that true friendship will always prevail.

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by Røtten Apple

We are Røtten Apple, a grunge and punk band from the armpit of California, mixing the sounds of the 90s with a modern rock twist. Our single, "Ashamed" is all about... well being ashamed. Ashamed takes place after a heavy breakup, and the pain that comes with it.

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Missing Adult

by Fine Grain

Hey there! We're a weird punk/post-punk outfit from Albany NY. Our songs have always spanned an array of genres and this new track is no different. Backing off the raw, loud songs of our past, Missing Adult is an eerily-dark laid-back ode to those that are lost and never found.

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Simple Functions

by Squidge

Squidge are THE Alternative Punk band from Bath/Bristol UK. We have been active in the Bristol/Bath scene since 2015, supporting acts such as Phoxjaw, Muskets, and Sick Joy. Simple Functions is as equally high adrenaline and abrasive as it is melancholic.

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Sedatives and Alcohol

by The Travis Waltons

Hello, we're The Travis Waltons from Bristol, UK, and we sure hope you like to kick it. We're putting out our third DIY album 'Death Throes' on 29th May and this is our new lockdown montage video, featuring the legendary Dave Benson Phillips, Joanna Angel and a bunch of our friends and peers. Pre-order the album here:

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Ballerina's Toes

by Kevlar Bikini

Kevlar Bikini strike back with their fourth album meaningfully named "OPT-OUTism". This Zagreb-based hardcore punk trio delivers another comprehensive collection of immensely powerful tunes, which have been saturated with gracious servings of magnificent elements of metal and noise rock.

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