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Ghost in the Grey

by Hound

we are Hound, five 30 somethings with dodgy knees and broken dreams from the Diesel City, we deliver catchy hooks, riffs and melodies with a sprinkle of nostalgia to take listeners back to a much easier time in life. Ghost is basically about a woman who’s life turns to shit and she becomes a ghost.

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We are a duo from North Wales/Manchester with a lone of the Post Hardcore bands that we grew up listening to. Having been in and out of bands over the course of the last 16 years the covid lockdowns drove us stir crazy so we knew once the world re-opened, we needed to get back doing what we loved.

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The Way We Are Meant To Be

by Judgment, The

Hi, this is the first single from Judgment, The. It took me 3 years until everything was ready and I dared to publish the material. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to. The first of a few songs I cut from my heart - very personal. Things that touch me deeply, and maybe you too. Greetings, Luki.

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by Hornbill

Hello everyone, we are Hornbill and "Pathetic" is the opening song on our brand new album, "I'm Sad and I Don't Know Why". This album is in support of poor mental health and proceeds from this album will go to non-profits to help those who need it most.

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Alias May

Hey All, we're Alias May from Melbourne Australia. We've just dropped our debut Album and would love some spins \m/ -- plenty more new material coming soon!!!

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