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by Krash Riders

Hello there, Only needs only 3 points to describe the band : - Tasty riffs - Visual trashing - Hard hitting sound And after years burning every f**** place met and releasing 2 clips, we finally are about to release our first album. A sweet angry and untameable and cocktail : The Apocalyptic Road.

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Eskimo Kissing

by the Washed up has beens

John Lord and Lemmy jamming, after they heard new york hardcore for the first time, that's the sound of the WUHB. Raw, in your face, no-nonsense rock-n-roll. Hope you like it, better yet; we love to hear your feedback.

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People Pleaser

by the HighAteUs

After the long pause between 2004's "Defeat the Purpose" and now, "People Pleaser" is the first single since the HighAteUs returned to the Third Dimension in November 2019. The new album, "Zone of Silence" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and other questionable retailers.

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by Rockstar Racecar

Four no good punk kids from Bloomfield, NJ, have just put out their third record. Rockstar Racecar's 'Hunk Oasis' features some serious rock riffs and cool songs by leader Troy Donohue (turns 16 tomorrow), drum licks by the Wolverine (12), bass by Violet (16), and rhythms by Stanton (16).

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