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Viet Cong

by The Great Lie

The Great Lie throw down a relentless assault of heavy riffs, reflective lyrics, and pounding rhythms. Recorded this June and recently mastered by Arthur Rizck, Viet Cong continues to show The Great Lie’s ability to combine aggressive hardcore and metal to create their own unique sound.

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Heavy Foot

by CB6

Hi we're CB6 this is a song influenced by Mick Hucknall's hair circa 1988. Bless.

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by Heavy Broken Machines

Disruption is a riff laden, rock indie classic hook monster of a track with HBMs unmistakable distinctive sound!! The track describes “the needle is stuck” feeling the world finds itself in right now, and the need for constant disruption in life to question everything in life.

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by Canavar

We are CANAVAR and we deliver a sound that is rapid, catchy and explosive. Our barnstorming sophomore album, Living After, is set to drop on Friday 18th March. Please look out for it, thanks for the support!

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Death March

by Madicide

Hello! We are Madicide, a four piece Groove/Thrash metal band based in South Wales (U.K) & formed in 2011. We've been lucky enough to have our latest single played recently on both BBC Radio (The Adam Walton Show), TotalRock Radio and many more - we're just trying to keep the momentum going! Cheers

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People Pleaser

by the HighAteUs

After the long pause between 2004's "Defeat the Purpose" and now, "People Pleaser" is the first single since the HighAteUs returned to the Third Dimension in November 2019. The new album, "Zone of Silence" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and other questionable retailers.

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Simply Effective


Heyyyy!! Yet ANOTHER band that thinks they're the super dope saviors of aural sensation... actually, no... we just wanna rock and have fun. Enjoy!! =)

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A Game Of Horseshoes

by The Great Lie

The third ep from The Great Lie, recorded with legend Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Unsane), embodies the band's raw intensity and aggressive precision. Defying Extinction is the sound of five Long Island hardcore/metal veterans who reject the premise that punk is strictly a youth culture.

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by Nocturne Wulf

NOCTURNE WULF have engineered a sound that calls upon the ferocious drive of Slayer, underpinned by the mastery of Iron Maiden. NOCTURNE WULF release their self-titled new album, on Friday 19th July. The band have just dropped a new track, Necrodancer -

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Hello everybody, I am an italian old school thrasher based in London. People born in the seventies must listen to me!!

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Filthy Twolips

Hey folks. we're Filthy Twolips from Long Island, NY. We play punk rock and drink beer. It was a cloudy day in September 2004 when we first started playing, or maybe it was a sunny day in February 2004. Either way, since then we've released a couple of EPs and a full length album. New EP Summer 2018

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