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Cadaver Pudding

Cadaver Pudding comes out of Riverside CA. We are a comedic punk band that has their own beer, has stared in multiple films, and is featured in The Humans comic from Image Comics. We have never had a live show where someone didn’t tell us we cracked them up. Our debut release is out now!

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Filthy Twolips

Hey folks. we're Filthy Twolips from Long Island, NY. We play punk rock and drink beer. It was a cloudy day in September 2004 when we first started playing, or maybe it was a sunny day in February 2004. Either way, since then we've released a couple of EPs and a full length album. New EP Summer 2018

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Hey there, we're Shift-D from Ontario, Canada we just released the first single "Recovery" off our upcoming album "This Message Will Self-Destruct" out soon on Thousand Islands Records. You can stream and download the single on most popular digital platforms! Hope you dig it!

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