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by Princess Alice Manor

I'm PRINCESS ALICE MANOR, and I release my brand new EP, Outer Demons, on Friday 18th August. Proceeding the EP is the single, Alive, out now via streaming platforms. Please watch the lyric video, here - .

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by Heavy Broken Machines

Disruption is a riff laden, rock indie classic hook monster of a track with HBMs unmistakable distinctive sound!! The track describes “the needle is stuck” feeling the world finds itself in right now, and the need for constant disruption in life to question everything in life.

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by Skrage

Skrage combine blistering basslines, tearing beats, psychedelic soundscapes and raging vocals to produce an adrenaline-fuelled sonic assault. Think Noisia meets Discharge…

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Jean Foutre

Hi! We are two Sardinian born lads based in Liverpool, moved to the UK seeking fortune playing our music but ended up making butties all day in fast food! We play a very dirty adrenaline-filled type of electro/rock with many EDM/techno/dnb elements and melancholic lyrics. Shall we dance?

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Electronic infused industrial duo SKYND release their debut track ‘Elisa Lam’, accompanying the track is the unnerving and eerie video which was created and directed by TallyHo! The video depicts the real life tragic and mysterious events of the ill-fated night in 2013.

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