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Set the Sails

by Lost & Faded

Hey everyone! We are Lost & Faded, an alternative rock band from Corpus Christi, Texas.
We hope you enjoy our new single "Set the Sails".

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Say So, Stay Sore

by Stick Figure Funeral

Hey, I'm Edward from Stick Figure Funeral. I'm actually the only person from Stick Figure Funeral, it's just my solo project. I recorded this track in my bedroom with my acoustic guitar and cello. I wrote it like three years ago but decided it was worth making a proper recording of. Enjoy!

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by Rushing Spring

Hey y'all we're Rushing Spring, this track is off our just-released debut EP 100% Human. It's about young love, long drives, and good memories. Hope you enjoy!

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Asking For A Friend

by Solitary Set

We're Solitary Set from Baltimore, MD, though we all moved here from other places originally. We've been playing hardcore and pop punk for our entire lives, but with this band we wanted to try something different. Most of us have families and we're not as interested in screaming into a microphone or smashing our heads through walls as we used to be. Solitary Set is a little quieter, a little more introspective, and a little more mature, just like us.

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by Rat Face Lewey

RAT FACE LEWEY release their intoxicating sophomore album, The Fall Of Man, on Friday 6th September. In anticipation of this, the energetic alt-rockers have just revealed a new single and video for the track, Comfortable - .

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Toska Fall

Hi! We're a three-piece punkrock band from the Netherlands, trying to keep a little bit of the 90s punk rock alive in our songs. We've recorded our first EP early 2019 and are proud to release it to the world. We hope you like it!!

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Breichiau Hir

Hey, this is our new single 'Penblwydd Hapus Iawn'. An unflinching three minutes of punk aggression powered by a wall of three pronged guitars and cathartic vocals. The song is about a catastrophic birthday party I attended a few years ago where I witnessed the worst in some of the best people”.

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Johnny Football Hero

We are a Philly-based band comprised of two former bands- The Dispersions and Hyper Inc. After the departure of long-time member and friend Jesse Fogg, the band was at an existential crossroads but decided to push forward, reinventing ourselves as an emo/math trio.

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Hey everyone, we're Casavettes, an emo band from Limerick, Ireland. We've been playing around the country for the last few years and we're finally gearing up to release our debut LP, Senselessness. It's out on 27th Feb, but you can hear the first single, I'm Not Here, I'm Somewhere Else, right now!

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Tuesday X

Hey guys! This is a track from our Upcoming Album "Pop" available Feb 12 2019! Find "Pop Music" Now on Spotify, ITunes, and more!

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The Farewell Project

Hello fellow humans! The farewell project consists of four friends whos friendship has it’s roots back to the late 90’s early 2000’s emo/indie-scene. Our first ep is out now.

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