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by Neckscars

This is the first single from the upcoming Neckscars album, Don't Panic. "Jarring" is a fist-pumping number about improving your health.

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Trusty Chorus

by Lee Resistant & The Lost

My name is Lee, and I used to front a band called Fletcher on Deck Cheese Records. I've been living in Canada for the last 13 years, raising my son, and this is my new band...Lee Resistant & The Lost. Check out our latest single Trusty Chorus

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Our Souls

A motley crew of spare parts from other bands that no one cared for or cared about. Our Souls is a DIY 5 piece punk band from Leicester who released their first EP last year. Recorded in a ballet shoe factory and front room, and all for the cost of £0. Bargain.

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