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Burning Heart


SIRIN is a Melodic Metalcore band from Southern Finland. Our music consists of empowering bright guitar leads and positive lyrical content mixed with heavy breakdowns.

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Six Feet Deep

by Suffer No Fools

Howdy, we are Suffer No Fools, this track comes from our upcoming album 'We Die As We Live' (out April 17th), it's one of our darker, heavier tracks, with a subject matter to boot! If you like bleak music with a sing-along chorus with lush vocal harmonies you're in luck, enjoy!

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Devil's Thirst

by UnCrowned

Hey, we are UnCrowned, an English metalcore band. We've just released (on Halloween) our very first single, 'Devil's Thirst', with our debut album to follow on December 26th! Give it a go - it's ripe for moshing to!

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This Place is Haunted

by Stained Glass Martyrs

We are Stained Glass Martyrs, a metalcore band based in Sheffield fusing metalcore riffs with blackened and progressive sounds. This Place is Haunted is the title track from our upcoming EP (out 28/06/19), featuring blast beats and church organ, breakdowns and solos there's something for everyone.

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I Fight Bears

South Wales metal beasts I FIGHT BEARS hurl out juggernaut riffage, imposing vocals, and thunderous beats. The alluring crew release a surprising and fascinating rendition of Spandau Ballet’s song, Gold, on Friday 16th November.

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