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Golden Plates

Howdy! Check out the first single off of Golden Plates new LP, Farewell to Zion, "You're Pretty, I'm Drunk".

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The Strawberries

Refusing to settle down after their hard hitting heavy ballad 'In Your Dreams', The Strawberries have changed the game once again in the form of a smooth, yet spikey, soul inspired single, 'Oh No Not Again'. This is a song for people who have been holding back and need a release.

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Hey there! My name is Kurt are a Psych-Rock trio from Bristol called Raptor. the band consists of my brother Adam on Drums, Nick on Bass and me on guitar & vocals. We've been touring the UK, opened up for Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and are releasing our first LP this May 17th! x

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Velvet Starlings

Hey there, I am Velvet Starlings please enjoy my new single "Sold Down the River". It's a mix of gritty guitars, hammond B3 organ and bluesy vocals.

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Tyson Kelly

Hi folks, I'm Tyson Kelly and I have just released my debut single 'Girl, You're So Money'. It's a great summer tune, with 60's infused melodies and tripped out psych rock - hope you dig it!

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We are INDT band from Kiev, Ukraine. We are friends and create great music. Our new album "Palace" was released a few days ago… The new music video:

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