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Budget Beach

by Maggot House

Maggot House is a D.I.Y. punk project of Brooklyn-based musician Broose Young. Born of a love for The Misfits & The Spits, a decade of 80s Horror movies & the best Halloweens imaginable. 'Budget Beach’ is an ode to beach movies where outcasts, underdogs, nerds & punks-go-wild. Surfs up, punk!

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Rites of Hadda

Hey, we're Rites of Hadda, an anarcho-pagan-gothic-stoner-punk band that formed as the result of a weekly jam night in a North London squat. Drawing inspiration from the band's diverse tastes, we create a blend of heavy-hitting punk, psychedelic and melodic; from light to shade, anger and elation!

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The Homisides

The Homisides are a female-fronted punk rock band with a sound straight out of the early 80's LA, NYC and UK punk scenes - but do not mistake this for a nostalgia act. These are old-school rage anthems made for modern times.

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