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Marshall Law

by Violent Practice

A homage to your evil ways has come for you again. As ego, gluttony, disease, and uncertainty of the mind rips away. A treat for all you boys and girls. A circus calls your name. We are proud to announce the digital release the second Violent Practice album. Demented Circus.

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Fuzz Aldrin: Lost in Space

by Dusty Cubby

Hi There, This is the newest song off of our newest single "Fuzz Aldrin." This song is about my dog travelling to Space to start a new life for himself away from the crazy place that is Planet Earth. Two other songs on this release are Everett and a cover of Josie by Blink 182. We Hope you enjoy!

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Few Good Things

Hi! We are Few Good Things from Raleigh, NC! We’re a punk/Thrash trio inspired by DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, etc. If you’re in to fast, heavy, catchy tunes you should check out our self titled EP!

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The Jagoffs

We are a new band to the Las Vegas music scene just put out our first EP called Smear Campaign. Started out as a cover band that kinda sucked so now we have evolved into an original punk/prog/metal/dumpster rock band. Check us out online or if you are in Vegas come to a show.

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Uniform unveil the second single off their highly anticipated album, The Long Walk - coming August 17th on Sacred Bones, their most powerful, emotional and bleakest endeavor yet. "Alone in the Dark" is an homage to Jack Sholder's slasher flick of the same name.

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The Homisides

The Homisides are a female-fronted punk rock band with a sound straight out of the early 80's LA, NYC and UK punk scenes - but do not mistake this for a nostalgia act. These are old-school rage anthems made for modern times.

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