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Driving Without Contact Lenses

by The Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft

Greetings Humans! Feeling unsure about your future? Are you concerned about certain things? We are here to tell you that all your doubts and all your fears are comprehensible and justified.

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Rites of Hadda

Hey, we're Rites of Hadda, an anarcho-pagan-gothic-stoner-punk band that formed as the result of a weekly jam night in a North London squat. Drawing inspiration from the band's diverse tastes, we create a blend of heavy-hitting punk, psychedelic and melodic; from light to shade, anger and elation!

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Hi, we are a garage punk band with a touch of electronics inspired by classic and new US garage and UK punk bands located in Poland. Our main aim is to play raw, energetic live shows, with fast beat machines, synthesizers and guitars.

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